This viral TikTok hot water bottle is the best thing for period cramps

Photo credit:  smallex4ft11
Photo credit: smallex4ft11

As anybody who has ever experienced the joys of having a period will likely know, anything to do with effective pain relief is always of interest – which is why we're super glad to hear about a certain hot water bottle pouch (essentially a long, wraparound hot water bottle) going viral on TikTok. It honestly sounds like a major game-changer when it comes to beating cramps...

The video has also since inspired us to sniff out the other brilliant long hot water bottles that are out there, ready to soothe not only cramps, but any other muscular aches and pains too (goodbye, sore back). Essentially, long hot waters are just a giant wraparound hug, so really what's not to love?

But, back to the TikTok video! Shared by user @smallex4ft11, also known as Alex, the clip celebrating a cute koala hot water bottle pouch has now been viewed over 4 million times.

It begins with Alex saying, "On this episode of things Alex bought from Amazon that she didn't really need, but that she did really need... a hot water bottle pouch" and then shows the social media fan pointing to the cosy-looking, furry band.

Alex then goes on to explain that it cost her £14 and that the strap can be fashioned in all kinds of ways, be it to soothe nasty period cramps (whilst leaving you hands-free – we love to see it) or across the back, to ease muscular issues.

"It came with two hot water bottle cases as well," she adds, "just in case I don't feel like having a cute little pouch and I want to hold it... I can do that!" (side note: can somebody please get Alex a job on QVC?).

She concludes by saying: "Life is great." And we can't help but agree, thanks to this newfound knowledge.

Keen to snap up your own long hot water bottle? Sadly the koala version currently has a bit of a waiting list, but there are plenty of other brilliant options to try:

In our quest for period pain relief, we've also tried out the Livia elctro-pulsing machine (which we can highly recommend) and discovered that painkillers designed to specifically target womb-related issues? Err, yeah, they're all pretty much the same...

Shout out to TikTok and Alex for bringing the true power of a wraparound hot water bottle to our attention. We'll never go back. 🙏

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