"Instagram Poetry," Ariana Grande's New Song, And More Controversial Things The Internet Is Talking About

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First things first: Someone check the calendar because it feels like 2016 over here. A piece of "Instagram poetry" is going viral on Twitter, with people realllllly showing their dislike for the genre.

Twitter: @dishinterestedd

And some even created their own versions that, tbh, I kind of love.

Twitter: @earth_to_annaa

Speaking of Instagram, we loooove to keep up with celebrities' followings with a passion (case in point: the Zendaya/Tom Holland breakup rumors). But the latest IG we're stalking is Ariana Grande's.

After dropping her controversial song "Yes, and?" this month, we realized she's lost over 350,000 followers on the app. Yikes.

a spreadsheet showing the change in Ariana Grande's followers

Meanwhile on TikTok, users are reimagining a classic scene from Frozen — you know, the one where Hans and Anna sing about sandwiches? — but they're giving it a slight twist...

He def got the ick in that moment, let's be real.

I also love this version, where Hans is a secret sleeper agent with a specific trigger word.

What a weird (but amazing) trend.

Lastly, we can't talk about the internet without discussing this weekend's award shows! Between the awkward moments, red carpet looks, and "pizza in a bag," there was plenty to talk about between the Critics' Choice Awards and the Emmys.

Fantasia Barrino looks grossed out sitting at a table with text pizza in a bag

Same, Fantasia, same.

@oprahdaily / Via instagram.com

But one of the big conversations to come out of the Emmys was Quinta Brunson's big win — and her "wrinkled" dress. Yes, people even made ironing memes.

Twitter: @F41RYTA1L

Quinta's stylist even had to set the record straight on Instagram: It was *supposed* to look like that guys!

a screenshot of two IG comments, one tearing apart quinta's look and one from the stylist defending it
Check the Tag / Via instagram.com

Time to smile! This is where we round up some enjoyable, funny, and cute moments from around the internet.

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Kathy Hoang/BuzzFeed

Transform: Yourself into the "mob wife" aesthetic.

Throw: Those cards away (seriously, it's okay).

Celebrate: The "who goes there" community.

Twitter: @internetkendra

Oh: To be a slug drinking water.

Twitter: @BUNKlNS

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