Comedian Vikki Stone’s gin and chocolate confessions

Kim Hookem-Smith
Yahoo Lifestyle
8 May 2013

Comedic musician Vikki Stone has already made a name for herself baring her teenage obsession with presenter Phillip Schofield in a viral YouTube video.

To say it’s a little cringeworthy is an understatement. But for Vikki, that’s part of the fun of it – and it’s how she makes celebrity friends.

“I always say that I have to meet people twice – the second time to apologise,” she tells us.

A rising star on the comedy circuit, a huge part of Vikki’s routines are taken from embarrassing moments in her own life (and that of her unfortunate friends).

And in keeping with her cheeky, embracing-the-embarrassment attitude, she’s teamed up with Crispello, to ask the nation’s women to upload their cheeky stories to the Cadbury UK Facebook page to be in with a chance of having their tale re-created by Vikki, either on film or as part of a series of stand-up gigs.

We asked her if nothing make her blush.

“I’m totally happy to make fun of myself in a professional way,” she explains.

“But what really makes me cringe is when I do something I don’t mean to – even though it’s probably less embarrassing than what I do on stage. Walking about with my skirt tucked into my knickers – that sort of thing.

“Though I’m definitely not above being horribly embarrassing and flirting terribly to get myself more gin,” she jokes.
As funny as it is seeing normal people suffer at the hands of comedians, it’s always more entertaining when the subject is a celeb. And Vikki’s happy to send up anyone who tickles her fancy – from Hilary Duvet to Dr Christian Jessen.

Her portrayal of Hilary involved strapping two tin cans to her shoulders and gurning at the camera, but the former dragon was so tickled by Vikki she asked her to reprise the act at her own private event.

“It was so weird performing as her for her! But she’s such a good sport and knows how important it is to laugh at yourself.”

Up next is Brian Cox, but Vikki reckons there’s no one she wouldn’t take on. “I wouldn’t call them targets as such. I would never be mean to anyone and I do tend to go for people who I think will be game for it– so it’s really a complement!”

Vikki adds: “I can’t wait to hear everyone’s cheeky stories, and I’m sure they will provide plenty of inspiration for my gigs.

“We’ve already had some really good ones and it’s so much fun to share. My fave at the moment is a women who swapped her boyfriend’s moisturiser for fake tan.

“Even if you don’t think they’re that funny, believe me, I get some of my best material from just chatting to people!”

Share your cheeky stories with Cadburys.

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