Vigil boss reveals potential for series three: 'the world isn't short on turbulence'

Suranne Jones as Amy Silva in Vigil
Suranne Jones as Amy Silva in Vigil (Jamie Simpson)

Vigil creator Tom Edge has opened up about the potential of a third season of the hit BBC drama.

Whilst chatting to HELLO! and other journalists at a recent Q&A, the writer revealed that while "it has to feel like there's something urgent to be said," "the world does not seem short on turbulence".

When asked if he and executive producer Jake Lushington had thought about a third outing, Tom said: "I think we never take anything for granted in terms of actors because our actors are incredible and have so many jobs and it's a useful thought to think we have to have a shot at earning their time and their pick. That is a reasonably high bar.

"If we think about doing that, it has to feel like there's something urgent to be said, both on a character level and in terms of the domain that we may enter to unpack those questions. But I will say, the world does not seem short on turbulence and on questions."

Suranne Jones and Romola Garai as Amy Silva and Eliza Russell in Vigil
Suranne Jones and Romola Garai as Amy Silva and Eliza Russell in Vigil (World Productions/Mark Mainz)

Rose Leslie, who plays Kirsten Longacre, jokingly added: "Well I've got to get pregnant again, then series three is a go!"

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In series two, which sees Amy Silva [Suranne Jones] drawn into the world of warfare, Kirsten is expecting the couple's first child.

The new episodes see Amy investigate the unexplained deaths of seven military personnel after a British Air Force weapons test goes wrong.

Rose Leslie as Kirsten Longacre in Vigil
Rose Leslie as Kirsten Longacre (World Productions LTD/Mark Mainz)

While Amy flies to the Middle East to follow a new lead, Kirsten must hold the fort in Scotland.

This isn't the first time the characters have been separated by the sea, however. In series one, which saw Amy board a Royal Navy submarine following the mysterious death of a crew member, Kirsten was left to investigate on land in Scotland.

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Speaking about how the couple are "torn apart" again in the new series, Rose said: "I liked the idea that being pregnant meant that Kirsten had to stay home and be in Scotland, and as a result, that tore us apart again in a very natural, organic way. I felt that certainly coming from that premise, it helped that there was a reason as to why their relationship was going to be torn again."

Suranne Jones plays Amy Silva in Vigil
Vigil boss spoke about the potential for a third series (BBC/World Productions/Mark Mainz)

Suranne added that it was the development of Amy and Kirsten's relationship that drew her back for series two. When asked what sparked her return to the show, Suranne explained: "The characters. The fact that our relationship is in the middle of such a big thriller. The heart of it is the two of us and I was really interested to see where we went, and the fact that one of us was having a baby kind of helped."

The Scott & Bailey star continued: "It sits so well in this huge show. The scope of the show is so big compared to the last one, and we managed to sit at the heart of it. I wanted to go back and explore it."