Victoria and David Beckham share snaps of Northern Lights - and they're visible again in the UK tonight

David and Victoria Beckham
David and Victoria Beckham posted photos of the Northern Lights -Credit:Getty Images

Husband and wife David and Victoria Beckham both took to their Instagram stories to share beautiful photos of the Northern Lights on Friday 10 May. The couple posted photos of the stunning natural light display, with one image featuring David with his arms outstretched, looking up at the purple and pink streaked sky, and another featuring the stunning night sky with the caption: “This is incredible!”

The Northern Lights – also known as aurora borealis – are more commonly spotted in areas such as Alaska, Canada, Iceland and Scandinavia, but on Friday they were clearly visible throughout the UK, with many people taking to social media to post their photos of pink, green and pink lights in the sky.

In case you missed the natural phenomenon, it is expected the lights will also be visible tonight (Saturday 11 May), with the Met Office saying there is a good chance of sightings in Scotland and the north of England, Ireland and Wales, especially if the skies are clear.

David Beckham
David Beckham admiring the Northern Lights -Credit:Instagram/@victoriabeckham
Victoria Beckham's image of Northern Lights
One of Victoria Beckham's posts of the light display -Credit:Instagram/@victoriabeckham

The lights are caused when charged particles are shot out from the sun and hit gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, and at the moment the sun is experiencing a severe geomagnetic storm that is sending out solar winds with these particles into the solar system, creating colours when they mix with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen in our atmosphere.

David, 49 and Victoria, 50, were clearly impressed by the light display. Victoria captioned a photo: “Aurora borealis #northernlights,” and tagged David in the post, while David added a picture of the pink and blue sky with the comment: “Wow no filter.”

The Beckhams' photo of Northern Lights
David Beckham's image on Instagram -Credit:Instagram/@victoriabeckham

The pair have both recently celebrated their birthdays, with Victoria sending her husband a birthday message on his birthday on Thursday 2 May that read: “Happy birthday David. I love us getting really old together. You aren’t far behind me!!! You are our everything!!! The best daddy and husband we all love u so, so much xxxxx.” The couple are, of course, parents of four – Brooklyn, 25, Romeo, 21, Cruz, 19 and Harper Seven who is 12.

David also got some sweet messages from Victoria’s former Spice Girl bandmates, just weeks after the girl group performed together at Victoria’s 50th birthday bash. Posting on the Spice Girls’ Instagram page, they wrote: “Happy Birthday to our unofficial social media manager and one of the original Spice Boys," along with a winking emoji and a red heart emoji.