Victoria Beckham's bedroom with white painted wardrobes and deep wood floor is the epitome of a luxe sleeping space

 Victoria Beckham.
Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham recently shared a glimpse inside her bedroom, showing her fresh white painted wardrobes and rich wooden floors in the background, complete with a cosy rug and minimalist bedding. 

When it comes to 2024 bedroom trends, pops of colour, bold feature walls and splashes of yellow are all the rage - but minimalist bedrooms with fresh whites and cosy wooden flooring are timeless and never go out of style, no matter how many maximalist trends come and go.

Milky tones and clean whites have long been amongst the best paint colours for bedrooms and Victoria Beckham's glance inside her sleeping space proves it.

The fashion icon and former Spice Girl took to social media recently to talk about the latest shade in her EyeWear eyeshadow crayon range - and while cornflower blue was the talk of the video when it came to beauty, the interiors in the background show VB is all about keeping things simple.

The clip shows a bedroom in Victoria's home decked out with built-in wardrobes that fill our heads instantly with so many genius home organisation ideas. As if the storage space envy wasn't enough, the room's colour palette that perfectly balances fresh neutral walls and wardrobe doors with chocolate brown hues on the floor, is giving us serious interior envy.

While the wooden wardrobes in the ultra clean space are painted white, bare wood floorboards are covered with a large, plush-looking carpet that would probably require us to take notes of the best ways to clean a rug thanks to its spotless colour.

Victoria is clearly a pro when it comes to knowing how to make a home look expensive and wowed fans earlier this year with sneak peeks of her and David's abodes in Netflix's Beckham documentary.

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Various velvet sofas in differing shades of green, from emerald to vibrant bottle green, were spotted in the show as it provided a rare look-in on their spacious homes in the likes of London and the Cotswolds.

Jemma Jaques, furniture expert and visual design lead at The Lounge Co. told us just why Victoria's elegantly comfy green seating options are so aesthetically pleasing to those who love a luxury look.

"It adds a rich colour, and luxurious texture, and creates an upscale ambience," Jemma said.

"Dark green is both timeless and versatile, it’s not going to go out of fashion but can be updated easily as it pairs with a myriad of other colours such as pale pink or mustard yellow."