'Victoria Beckham, I am so mad at you': Canadian influencer calls out former Spice Girl's new Mango collection over lack of sizes

Toronto-based influencer Roxy Earle says she was excited about the new line at Mango, but was quickly disappointed.

Canadian influencer Roxy Earle and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham
Roxy Earle was disappointed in the limited sizes available in Victoria Beckham's collection for Mango. (Images via Getty Images)

A Canadian influencer is calling out Victoria Beckham over the lack of size inclusivity in the former Spice Girl's new fashion collection.

On Wednesday, former "Real Housewives of Toronto" star and entrepreneur Roxy Earle shared an Instagram Reel saying she's "so mad" at Beckham after she tried ordering from the designer's new collection with retailer Mango.

"Of course, I was so excited. I wanted this dress," Earle said in her video, pointing to the collection's semi-transparent combined body silk dress. "I go online right away, set my alarm and it goes to a size eight. I thought, 'That can't be. It can't only go to a size eight.'"

Earle then tried looking at the sizing options for another dress, this time the godets dress with decorative stitching. Again, that dress was only available up to a size eight. Size inclusivity is near and dear to Earle's heart. The 40-year-old has designed her own clothing collections for Joe Fresh and began her online campaign "MySizeRox" aimed at promoting body diversity in fashion.

In 2022, Beckham released a dress called VB Body for her fashion line, a product focused on being more size-inclusive and suited towards curvier bodies. Earle noted she bought one of these dresses and loved it, but was confused why the designer's new collection didn't offer larger sizes since Mango currently offers clothes up to size 22 and 4XL.

"So when you have the power to work with a company like Mango, who already does plus size, why no plus size? Or even just a 10, a 12, a 14?" she went on to say, adding the caption "don't play games with my fashion heart" on her post.

In the comments section, Earle continued her thoughts, saying she respects limited size runs and understands businesses have to pay attention to demand.

"VB Body was all about 'embracing the curves,' so for this collaboration, it's just not making sense," she shared. "As an entrepreneur I appreciate the need for a focused product but not when you're already producing mass volumes and large size runs."

Fans shared their thoughts, too, with many people agreeing and sharing their disappointment.

"Thank you for calling this out," penned Toronto-based science communicator Sarah Habibi.

"The math ain't mathing. What's crazy is that it would sell, so clearly they don't want the coin," content creator Caralyn Mirand Koch shared.

"I was ready to shop and so disappointed. Thank you for calling this out," someone noted.

"In this day and age where we claim to be evolved this is a kick in the face. I'm so disappointed," someone else added.

Earlier this week, Beckham celebrated the launch of her new collection in Spain with stars including Alexa Chung, Adwoa Aboah and Emily Ratajkowski. The 50-year-old shared photos from the event on Instagram, which some people used as an opportunity to share their thoughts about the lack of larger sizes in the collection.

"I'm so bummed none of the pieces are available in the curve sizes, in 2024... It's a beautiful collection though," someone noted.

"What about representing a greater variety of body shapes and sizes, too?" someone else wrote.

"It's a beautiful collection. Why isn't it more size inclusive? ... Everyone should be able wear beautiful clothing. Please do better," one person chimed in.

Beckham launched her eponymous brand in 2008, and it's not the first time she's been called out for excluding certain body types. In 2012, she was called out after she suggested during an interview with Harper's Bazaar UK her dress size — a size two to four at the time — represented that of the "general public." In 2018 while promoting her Spring/Summer 2018 VB Eyewear Collection on Instagram, users also called her out for using a model who they said looked "sick and sad."

Speaking to Grazia in 2022, Beckham opened up about people having different body types and how "every woman wants a nice, round, curvy bottom."

"It's an old-fashioned attitude, wanting to be really thin," the mother-of-four said at the time. "I think women today want to look healthy, and curvy. They want to have some boobs — and a bum."

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