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Victoria Beckham and I are both absolutely obsessed with this eyeliner

I use it daily, it doesn't budge and creates the perfect smouldering eye.

(Victoria Beckham / Yahoo Life UK)
Victoria Beckham's Satin Kajal Liner has become my holy grail make-up product. Victoria Beckham / Yahoo Life UK)

Having written about beauty for over 20 years, I've been fortunate enough to work with a lot of make-up artists, so I know a thing or two about how to create a flawless beauty look. However, I've never quite managed to perfect the ultimate smokey eye – a look I love for not only helping my blue eyes pop, but also for adding definition and drama.

A classic smokey eye is one of those make-up looks that works for everything from a glamorous evening event to date nights with my husband. So when I caught wind of Victoria Beckham's trick to the perfect eye look (the Satin Kajal Liner from her eponymous beauty line), I had to give it a go.

Great for adding dimension without the need for multiple eyeshadow shades, this creamy and versatile eyeliner is one of the best products I've ever added to my make-up bag (in fact, I now own it in three different shades).

🛍️ Product reviewed: Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal Liner in shade 'Cinnamon'
Tested for: Four months
Rating: 5/5
💸 Reasons to buy: Easy to apply and blend, long-lasting and comes in 17 different shades
Reasons to avoid: It's expensive for a eyeliner, but I think it's worth it 

Victoria Beckham and I both love the way this eyeliner applies, its butter-like texture and the way it defines the eyes. My favourite is the 'cinnamon' shade. 

£30 at Victoria Beckham
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This eyeliner is the secret to making your eyes pop. (Yahoo Life UK)
This eyeliner is the secret to making your eyes pop. (Yahoo Life UK)

💸 Reasons to buy

The Satin Kajal Eyeliner is phenomenal, and I don’t use that word lightly. Having used hundreds of different eye pencils over the years, most notably Charlotte Tilbury’s Sophia Brown pencil (which has a hard tip that often snapped off and had to be sharpened), this has never once broken.

There are 17 shades available in total to suit a whole range of skin tones, but cinnamon has to be my favourite. A best-seller for the collection, even Victoria herself points to it as one of her favourite VB beauty products.

I’ve been using this pencil most days since the collection launched last year – and it seems I am by no means the only one who is a loyal fan. There are thousands of five-star reviews on the site, Beckham herself even said, "I honestly am absolutely this colour” in a video, showing how she uses it when it first launched.

Application also couldn’t be simpler, thanks to a pencil at one end and the soft smudger at the other.

Beckham describes it as “a soft brown that brings out a lighter tone to your eye colour, whatever your eye colour.” And I agree. One sweep of it across my eyelid and my eyes looked more open and dramatic.

As soft as butter, it glides onto the skin and has a creamy consistency, making it easier to apply to the eyelids. Not just that, as I’ve aged, I've noticed that some eyeshadows gather in the creases of my eyelid, but this does not, which is a huge bonus. This is due in no part to the ingredients including Chamomile Extract and Vitamin E, both of which allow an effortless application without tugging at the skin.

On the topic of ingredients, this eyeliner uses Mineral-Based Silica: a plastic-free, ocean-friendly pearl that helps give the shade its sparkle. The formula also includes Panthenol​ (a plant-derived provitamin of B5) to hydrate and calm the skin so it's great if you suffer from a sensitive eye area.

The ingredients and what they do:

Chamomile Extract: A soothing extract with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial benefits
✨ Panthenol: Helps hold moisture in the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties
✨ Vitamin E: Protects from fine lines and uneven skin tone
✨ Mineral-Based Silica Pearl: Ocean-friendly glitter to create a high-shine sparkle

As someone who has always opted for brown eye make-up; it works well with my blue eyes and makes them appear brighter, the cinnamon shade delivers beautiful results. It's a lot lighter than the black and cocoa shades, and the red undertone gives it a warmer finish, which is perfect for the summer months.

(Yahoo Life UK)
Victoria Beckham and I both love the way this eyeliner applies and its butter-like texture. (Yahoo Life UK)

£30 at Victoria Beckham

Although the liner stays in place all day (I wore it for 12 hours and it didn’t budge), once applied it does take a little while to set, which gives you enough time to us the soft smudge tool at the other end of the product to blend.

I don’t have a very steady hand, but it doesn’t matter as this liner is designed to have a sultry look (which means more mess than perfection), and the odd bit of pigment I got on my skin, I was either able to blend it in with the smudger, or remove it easily with a wet cotton bud tip. I often apply a second layer too just to add more definition, particularly in the upper corner of my eyelid.

(Victoria Beckham)
It adds definition to your eye without the need for layering multiple products. (Victoria Beckham Beauty)

If you've been eyeing up this product, I would highly recommend snapping it up and adding it to your make-up routine. Take my word, you won’t look back! With one eyeliner sold every 30 seconds, this really is one of Victoria Beckham’s greatest hits.

Reasons to avoid

The only point to consider ahead of purchasing this eyeliner is the cost. At £30 for an eye pencil, there's no denying it's expensive. And although I think it's worth its weight in gold, there are other eyeliners out there that are half the price and more budget-friendly.

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