Vegans Rejoice! There’s Now a Plant-Based American Hot Pepperoni Pizza at Domino’s

domino's new vegan american hot pizza
There’s Now a Vegan American Hot Pizza at Domino'sDomino's

We’re no strangers to a vegan makeover at the start of the new year (new year, new me etc) and this year it’s the turn of the American Hot pizza at Domino's.

The fan favourite is now available in a plant-based version ideal for veteran vegans or heat-heads giving Veganuary a go. The new addition to the menu at the famous takeaway pizza chain comes after "much experimenting in the Domino’s kitchen and taste tests aplenty," says Melanie Howe, Head of Heat at Domino’s.

The Vegan American Hot layers spicy specially created pepperoni from The Vegetarian Butcher, sliced red onions and punchy green jalapeño peppers with a generous sprinkle of vegan mozzarella and classic tomato sauce on fresh vegan dough.

dominos vegan american hot pizza with garlic herb dipping sauce

We know what you’re thinking – 'what about dips?’ Not to worry. The Vegan American Hot is served with the vegan-friendly version of the iconic (yes, it’s reached that status) Garlic & Herb dip.

Also launching this month is a budget-crunching price slice which sees all small pizzas priced at £8, medium pizzas at £10 and large pizzas at £12, so you can treat yourself for less.

The Vegan American Hot is available to order through the Domino’s app and in Domino’s stores across the UK.