Vanessa Hudgen's tiny multi-colour bikini proves that summer never ends

Alas, the wintery months are upon us - we can't deny. We've been slipping into our warm layers, whether it's new season coats or the chalet girl trend, or even looking forward to festive vibes with Xmas jumpers and Christmas party frocks. The nights are drawing in and we're seeking comfort and warmth, while of course looking for ways to keep turning looks ofc.

We've already seen a whole host of celebs embrace cosy season such as Kim Kardashian rocking an XXXL duvet style puffa coat, Hailey Bieber paying homage to one of Princess Diana's most iconic transeasonal dressing looks, Sienna Miller's bubblegum pink sweater or Ashley Graham's preppy af light academia jumper dress.

But what about those who are simply refusing to give into the winter vibes? Well...they're a mood and the inspo for people all across the nation who refuse to ruin their going out dresses with a heavy coat (and end up shivering all evening as a result). This includes the likes of Kylie Jenner still rocking string bikinis into October and Rita Ora rocking a micro corset.

The latest celeb to prove that summer is a state of mind? The one and only Vanessa Hudgens, who is rocking some seriously unseasonal swimwear looks. Of course, she is actually holidaying in Hawaii where the weather is a lot more inviting than the cold, rainy, grey climate we are currently facing in the UK.

But anyway, she's posted some holiday snaps on the 'gram and they are a serious mood. First up, a lilac bandeau bikini top accessorised with larger-than-life tortoiseshell sunglasses, hoop earrings and a seed pearl necklace with a star-shaped pendant.

The pièce de résistance? A purple and blue pattern bikini accessorised by another pair of massive sunglasses and a white denim sun hat.

Idk about you but we're currently looking up winter getaways on Skyscanner...

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