Vanessa Hudgens' intricate serpent-like updo is serving gothic elegance

If you were to tell us a couple of years ago, that one of autumn/winter 2022's biggest beauty and style cultural influences would be The Addams Family we'd have lol'd in your face.

But it wasn't Kravis or Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly that succeeded in dragging goth and grunge back into the mainstream (possibly due to the uneasy PDA) – it was none other than Miss Wednesday Addams. And we have a feeling that the new spin off, Wednesday, played some part in inspiring Vanessa Hudgens complex and sculptural braided updo, in all its gothic elegance.

Created by LA hairstylist Sami Knight, Vanessa's look involved her jet-black plaits being twisted up into a bun-like mass that conjures up visions of snake pits... but in a good way? While the ends of each plait have been curled and gelled solid into scorpion's sting-like flourishes. The wet-look finish adds shine to the whole style, with a final result that's deliciously dark.

From the front the hair is sharply centre parted, with symmetrical single curls tied to the ol' stingers in the back. Celebrity makeup Artist Allan Face accompanied it with a serious black-lined fox eye and intense contour for razor sharp cheekbones.

One might assume this look is for some epic punk red carpet, but it was actually for meet and greets for Vanessa's drinks brand Caliwater. And this is the type of extra we love 👏🏽 to 👏🏽 see👏🏽.

If this look wasn't enough evidence of an Addams family influence, Vanessa went full Morticia at the Fashion Awards just last month.

2022 cfda fashion awards
Sean Zanni - Getty Images

BRB, just going to order black nail polish...

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