Vanessa Feltz is 'feeling fantastic' as she visits Ireland

Vanessa Feltz has said she is feeling "fantastic" after travelling to Ireland for a "healing" holiday following the breakdown of her relationship.

The 60-year-old TV presenter - who has separated from Ben Ofoedu, 50, after he confessed to cheating on her - shared pictures of herself and daughter Allegra on the beach looking out at Bally Cotton Island, smiling and laughing.

Credit: @vanessafeltzofficial Via Instagram

Video transcript

- How are you feeling today?

VANESSA FELTZ: I'm feeling fantastic. Why wouldn't I? I'm in my beloved East Cork. Look how beautiful it is here on Ballynamona Beach. And I am having a wonderful time.

The Irish welcome, oh, there's nothing like it. The air, fresh and clean. And I'm sending everybody best wishes for a fabulous, fabulous Monday.