Valentino Partners With Stylists Including Law Roach for Interpretations of Unboxing Collection

Pierpaolo Piccioli’s latest collection for Valentino is coming alive across the globe (and online) with the help of 10 stylists.

Maison Valentino drafted the talents of image architects like Law Roach to put their spins on Unboxing Valentino, Piccioli’s designs for spring/summer 2023. Per the luxury house, “Unboxing celebrates the limitlessness of creative impulse and execution — clothes are statements — and who better to interpret their multiple meanings and messages than those who speak their language?”

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The stylists and their collaborations include Law Roach for Valentino’s New York location in Soho, Rebecca Corbin-Murray for Valentino’s Old Bond Street address in London, Clement Lomellini for Valentino’s Paris boutique on Rue St. Honoré, Lorenzo Posocco for Valentino Milan on Montenapoleone, Anna Dello Russo for Valentino’s Fashion Avenue location at the Dubai Mall, Mix Wei for Valentino Shanghai IFC, Geum Nam Hwang for Valentino Seoul at Shinsegae Gangnam, Masataka Hattori for Valentino’s Tokyo address at Omotesando, and Alexandra Grandquist and Mackenzie Grandquist who collaborated on a vision for Valentino e-commerce.

Beyond the visual displays, the stylists are also offering something for the ears by creating ad hoc playlists on Spotify that will be streamed in select boutiques for the duration of their respective installations. Furthermore, there will be in-store activations including styling sessions that will take place in multiple cities and a chat experience created in partnership with GameOn Technology. Per Valentino, the chat session leans on one of today’s buzziest topics, AI, to “enable a whole new way to discover more about the collection and the activations for those at home.”

For his collaboration, Roach, who recently announced his retirement from the personal styling business, presented his interpretation in a red-covered space along with a vintage car covered with the Valentino Toile Iconographe pattern in an homage to Valentino’s 1999 campaign shot by legendary fashion photographer Steven Meisel. Roach had close ties to Valentino while working with A-list client Zendaya, who was an ambassador for the house. See Roach’s work below along with select images from locations in Paris, Milan, Dubai, London and Shanghai, and learn more about the global Unboxing here.

Unboxing Valentino - A Global unboxing
A look at Law Roach’s vision for his Unboxing Valentino collaboration in New York’s Soho neighborhood.
Unboxing Valentino - A Global unboxing
A look at Law Roach’s vision for his Unboxing Valentino collaboration in New York’s Soho neighborhood.
PARIS Unboxing Valentino - A Global unboxing
In Paris, Clement Lomellini offered an exterior display that features mannequins who appear through a torn paper backdrop, staging the drama of a physical unboxing, the act of tearing the paper from the object.
SHANGHAI Unboxing Valentino - A Global unboxing
In Shanghai, Mix Wei honored traditional Chinese painting by incorporating scrolls printed with the Valentino Toile Iconographe hanging from the ceiling, while five looks stand before them representing the essential materials from which all visual art is created.
MILAN Unboxing Valentino - A Global unboxing
In Milan, Lorenzo Posocco incorporated everyday scenes as a way to capture the relationship between those who pass by the windows and the world within the boutique. Per Valentino, it’s “fashion meets the intimacy of the everyday in an homage to the energy of the city.”
DUBAI, Unboxing Valentino - A Global unboxing
In Dubai, Anna Dello Russo employed color block and an array of Valentino Garavani accessories to “manifest a sense of abundance; feathers, fluff, gloves and bags paint the mannequins like tropical fish, creating a limpid window from the street into a bright and beautiful world.”
LONDON Unboxing Valentino - A Global unboxing
A look at stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray’s creation for Valentino’s Old Bond Street location in London. She is said to have taken inspiration from the black runway look with yellow 3D flowers “inviting contrast between the essential silhouette and the vibrancy of blooming,” per the house of Valentino.

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