Vaginal weightlifting: Kung Fu for your fanny

Surprising advice from a sexpert suggests Kegels are a waste of time and weightlifting is the way forward for our pelvic floors

Forget Kegels, lifting weights will do your pelvic floor more good, says the sex guru who's trying to tempt women to take up vaginal Kung Fu.

But inserting a jade egg with an attached pouch for weights into isn't as easy to do over breakfast out with your friends (a la Sex and the City's Samantha) now is it?

Vaginal weightlifting has made a resurgence thanks to a tongue-in-cheek video by "provocateur, innovator, illuminator, catalyst, quantum leap life coach, sexual muse., liberation master and pleasure savant" (self-described) Kim Anami, entitled '10 reasons to lift weights with your vagina'.

Really only five are of any particular interest (unless you want to beat current Guinness World Record holder Russian gymnast Tatyana Kozhevnikova, who can lift a 14kg kettleball with her bits and officially has the world's strongest vagina).

Watch with care (Probably NSFW, depending on where you work):

If you can't be bothered ot watch the video, the benefits listed are:
1. That Kegels (perlvic floor toning exercises) don’t work
2. It will intesify your orgasms
3. You could get in Guinness World Records
4. Give your man stronger organsms
5. Be the life of the party with the old ping pong trick
6. Your vagina will be so strong you can sort your man out with just the power of your pelvic floor
7. This means you can threaten him with the power of your pevis.
8. It could make you a superhero
9. It will increase your libido, making sex far more pleasurable thanks to your new 'sensitive and articulate vagina'
10. Pickle jars are no longer a problem

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It might be new to us (not wanting to fire ping pong balls across the room or get ourselves into the record books), but the idea ha been knocking around for a while.

US blogger and 'Social Acupuncturist' (no idea) Emelia SF tried it back in 2012 and described the experience in hilarious detail on her blog Trying to Be Good.

She revealed how she attended a class designed to build pelvic power and make women feel empowered, all for $150 (£90).

She doesn't say who ran the course or where she discovered it but in the class, she and her fellows were encouraged to connect with their sexual selves in what sounds like a fairly toe-curling experience.

She says: "So you put the [jade] egg in your vagina and then you can put anything you like into the pouch [that hangs from it] to weight it - rocks, shells, a cellphone…she [the tutor] used a cell phone.

"The pouches are just hanging and then you clench two three then relax, then clench."

She continues to describe the dropping of eggs, the clenching of muscles and the general awkwardness of the class.

It might seem a bit bonkers, but Kim explains that her life's work and obsession is to improve the sexual experiences of others, particularly for women, and that strengthening our pelvic muscles could make a huge difference to our experience.

She explains on her website: "The truth is that your vagina can function like your hand: it can grip and articulate and pick up objects and throw them across the room. It can give hand jobs and deep throat and give you orgasms that totally change your life and help you to self-actualise as a person."

(She's American.)

"If your vagina isn’t doing these things, it’s not optimising its full potential."

We're all for maximising sexual pleasure. But jade eggs, in there? We're not convinced. Let us know if you give it a go!