USPS worker issues warning to TikTokers about ‘cute’ return address stickers: ‘Why would someone do this?!’

A mailman took to TikTok to film an important PSA about return address stickers, and his warning about postal etiquette is going viral.

Chad Huber (@chadhuber) gained over 825,000 views, 91,000 likes and 1,600 comments when he uploaded the eye-opening mail lesson to his account.

Now, much like the restaurant worker who broke TikTok’s heart when he revealed the shocking truth behind those sizzling fajita dishes, Chad’s industry insight is blowing people’s minds.

“If you have cute little return address stickers like this,” Chad says at the beginning of his video, holding up a letter strategically so as to block out the address, “and instead of putting it in the top-left corner, you’re like, ‘I’m gonna do something really cute and seal the envelope with it on the back…’”

Chad goes on to explain that this has essentially put an address in the middle of both the front and the back of the envelope — something that will confuse the computers that sort the mail.

“You’ve given yourself a 50/50 shot at getting this letter back,” he explains.

The mail person is then forced to either return the letter to your home, or manually cross out all the barcodes generated by the computer so it can be delivered to the proper address.

To avoid this, Chad advises people to simply put the return address sticker where it’s meant to be: in the upper-left corner on the front of the envelope. Otherwise, your letter may end up right back in your mailbox — a result that’s not nearly as cute as your original intention.

‘Oh my gosh…’

Over 1,600 TikTokers expressed their shock in the comments on Chad’s video.

“Why would someone do this?! 😳😅” asked @katbensonrdn.

“Well great. This is how I mailed my income taxes that were due because I was making sure that envelope didn’t open 😂” shared @mandylynne10.

“Oh my gosh… 11 years later I finally know why most my invitations were returned to me 😂😂😂 commented @hsp.mamaof2.

However, some TikTokers were surprised to learn Chad’s message was necessary.

“Are they not teaching people how to address envelopes anymore?” asked @samdeeroo.

Hopefully, thanks to Chad, many more letters will find their way to their proper destination — and still look cute in the process.

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