29 Specific (And Expensive) Things People Regret Spending Their Money On

If you've ever spent beaucoup bucks on a big ticket item only for it to hang around your house gathering dust, you're not the only one. Recently, u/[deleted] asked people on Reddit to share the most expensive thing they bought and never used, and people had so much to say. Here are some of the top responses:

1."Drone. It turns out it’s hard to find legal areas to fly it, and everyone hates you."

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2."A boat. Husband has always wanted a boat. I always said no, you won’t use it. Then he got really sick. The doctor thought it was cancer. He started looking at boats again. I didn’t want him to die, and the last item on his bucket list was unfulfilled because of his bitch wife. So he bought the boat. He did not have cancer."


3."A telescope in a country that's cloudy all the damn time."


4."A fitness bike. The plan was to watch tv, ride my bike, and get fit. Now I just hang clothes on it."

An exercise bike in a room serves as a makeshift clothes rack, holding a dress, towel, and other clothing items
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5."Heart defibrillator, but I'll be happy if I never have to use it."


6."The RV. I used it once 12 years ago."


7."A high-tech blender that now serves as a fancy paperweight in my kitchen."

A modern blender on a kitchen counter
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8."A $1k camera. I only used it for one trip."


9."Generator. We were out of power for 10 days after an October storm in 2011. Bought the generator as soon as they were back in stock. Thankfully, haven’t needed it since."


10."I spent a lot of money on a high-end basketball hoop cause my wife was thinking about getting back into coaching. We were outside shooting around and hit this nasty crossover, and I broke both her ankles. We haven’t used it since."

Person with a bandaged leg reading a newspaper while lying on a couch with crutches nearby
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11."Not necessarily one thing, but too many instruments/gear. I can never play them all at once, obviously. Then, I usually just use the same one 95% of the time."


12."Power washer. I haven’t opened the box yet. I bought it three years ago."


13."Eight cemetery plots. I knew the price was going to double and thought it'd be a good investment. But cemetery plots do not sell like hotcakes."

Grassy cemetery with numerous tombstones of various shapes and sizes scattered throughout
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14."I tend to get into things, and then I obsess over the new 'thing.' In the past, I’ve spent a lot of money on yarn for when I learned to crochet. I have spent money on art supplies for watercolor painting. I then bought a very expensive iPad so I could learn to do digital art. Then, the last few months, it was really expensive products for my hair, including a Dyson hairdryer and curling iron. This past weekend I bought a turntable and some vinyl records because it seems that now I’m fixated on this. I really hate that I am this way, but I can’t seem to make myself stop once I’m obsessed with the newest thing. I wouldn’t say I never use these things, but they aren’t used as much as I imagined."


15."I decided to get back into gaming last year after 10 years off. Bought a Switch OLED, a 1 TB card, and filled that bad boy halfway with a shitload of games. Never use it, though I do dust and charge it weekly. As I am in my fifties, I’m going to call this my mid-life crisis."


16."College degree."

Group of graduates in caps and gowns cheerfully raise their diplomas in the air, celebrating their achievement
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17."Paid $1,000 for a domain name — never used it."


18."Bought an expensive watch to celebrate a milestone, but it feels too fancy to wear regularly."


19."Three mountain bikes. One for my partner, which he never uses. One for myself, which ended up being too big and I couldn't return it. A second one for myself that was a much better fit, which I never use. Plus accessories and upgrades for all three. I probably spent nearly $5k."

Three bikes surrounded by junk in a garage
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20."Purchased a fancy painting set to explore my artistic side, but it turns out I’m not much of a painter."


21."I have a robotic vacuum that sounded convenient, but it doesn’t work well on my carpets."


22."I own a set of crystal wine glasses for special occasions that never seem to happen."

Various clear glassware casting intricate patterned shadows
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23."I got a kayak thinking I’d spend my weekends on the water, but it’s been used maybe twice."


24."Oculus 2 VR. Most people I talk to seem to be the same: You're into it for two months, show it to everyone, then stick it in a drawer and never touch it again. Also, I got really bad motion sickness in any of the games you move around in, which are the most fun games."


25."A printer. Bought a nice new printer a year ago. Still haven’t unboxed it since I just print out anything I need at work."

Person using a copier machine in an office
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26."My truck. Shortly after buying it, my job gave me a work truck to drive to and from work. Now my personal truck rarely gets used, which makes me sad."


27."In 2020, I convinced my husband to buy me a sewing machine during lockdowns. It’s been in his closet ever since."


28."Mouth guard, the fancy one your dentist fits you for and insurance didn't cover. I lost it two months after I got it when I moved, and when I found it again, my teeth had shifted, and it didn't fit."

Close-up of a person inserting a clear dental aligner over their teeth. The image highlights dental care and orthodontic devices
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29.And finally, "I’ve had a Planet Fitness membership since 2017. I’ve gone six times, maybe."


What's the most expensive thing you've bought and never or rarely use? Tell me about it in the comments!