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The Claridge’s upside down Christmas tree designed by fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld

[Photo: Claridges’]

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
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    Its the ultimate symbol to Satan a bit like the inverted crucifix. Inverting the tree is a celebration to the light bearer or the morning star, all depictions of the Lucifer.
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    No I wont
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    A smaller version might be a good idea for cat owners! But it's not for me.
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    A Nonymous
    In answer to your question Danielle Fowler, will I f(u)ck! Can you answer a question for me, Ms Fowler? What do you do with the fairy that traditionally goes on top of the tree? Bury it underneath? Incidentally, I don't know about Karl Lagerfeld being a " fashion legend ", maybe a fashion bellend would be more appropriate for that nutter when he 'creates' #$%$ like this, wouldn't it?