How To Upgrade Your Fried Chicken Sandwich, According To Chef Bob Bennett

Chef Bob Bennett
Chef Bob Bennett - randy_yagi / Instagram

When made right, fried chicken sandwiches can be one of the most delicious meals. Crispy, juicy fried chicken between two tasty buns shines alone or with many components; there are so many ways to give a fried chicken sandwich more layers of flavor and texture. If you're unsure how to elevate your next one, Chef Bob Bennett has some tips to make your meal even more delicious.

Chef Bennett is the head chef at Zingerman's Roadhouse, a Michigan-based restaurant serving American cuisine that boasts a "unique food culture, transforming high-quality ingredients into traditional, full-flavored dishes." One of those dishes includes a fried chicken sandwich on the brunch menu, so Chef Bennett has considerable experience upgrading fried chicken sandwiches.

When building your sandwich, you first have to start with your buns. Chef Bennett says there is a specific bread that you'll want to use because of the texture it will add to your sandwich. "Brioche bun is my favorite as it has a nice lightness to it," he told Daily Meal. Not only will a brioche bun provide a nice contrast of softness to your crunchy fried chicken with its fluffy texture, but it will also make your sandwich sweeter with its buttery flavor. Chef Bennett's recommendations to create the perfect sandwich don't stop there.

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Customize Your Fried Chicken Sandwich To Make It More Delicious

Buffalo fried chicken sandwich on plate
Buffalo fried chicken sandwich on plate - FILMME/Shutterstock

Chef Bob Bennett says one of the best ways to make your fried chicken sandwich taste even better is to put a little twist on it. He explained, "Take your time, have fun with it and experiment."

If you want to try some atypical flavor combinations in your sandwich, you've got plenty of options. Make an Asian-inspired fried chicken sandwich by glazing your meat with teriyaki sauce to give it a burst of sweet flavor.

For a tangy twist, make a classic Buffalo fried chicken sandwich by drizzling buffalo sauce on it; it'll get a seriously spicy kick. If you'd like a sweet and spicy taste in every bite, glaze your meat with a generous amount of General Tso's sauce. If you want a sweet and not spicy flavor, make a coconut-fried chicken sandwich that offers a sweet and nutty combination of flavors to accompany your tender chicken and buttery buns. Combine two classic sandwiches by making a southern fried chicken BLT. The customization doesn't stop there, though. You have to elevate your sandwich even more with delicious toppings.

Try These Toppings On Your Fried Chicken Sandwich

Fried chicken sandwich with pimento cheese
Fried chicken sandwich with pimento cheese - RoadTripsCoffee / 'X' formerly known as Twitter

Chef Bob Bennett recommends three toppings to give your fried chicken sandwich more flavor and texture. "Some of my favorites are pimento cheese, anything pickled, [and] bacon," he shared.

But what exactly would these three toppings bring to your meal? A layer of pimento cheese on your fried chicken sandwich will give it creamy spiciness. For those who want a fried chicken sandwich with an especially piquant flavor, pickles should be your topping, as they'll add some salty and sour flavors to your sandwich. (You can add some extra tangy flavor by brining your chicken in pickle juice.) A few strips of bacon layered onto your fried chicken breast will give it some additional juicy, sweet, and meaty flavor and extra crunch. The next time you make a fried chicken sandwich with brioche buns, customized ingredients, and delicious toppings that take it to a whole new level, just thank Chef Bennett.

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