The Unexpected Tailgating Food 49ers Superfan Jeremy Renner Loves - Exclusive

Jeremy Renner at table with Silk milk in foreground
Jeremy Renner at table with Silk milk in foreground - Silk

It's no secret that actor Jeremy Renner is a major 49ers fan. Just a quick look at his Twitter shows him cheering on his hometown team (Renner grew up in Modesto, California, about two hours outside of San Francisco). So, when Mashed spoke to Renner in an exclusive interview about his upcoming Super Bowl ad (his first), promoting Silk, the plant-based milk that he said helped fuel his recovery following his near-fatal snowplow accident last year, we had to hear a little bit about his tailgating preferences, especially considering that the 49ers are due to go up against the Kansas City Chiefs in the next few days.

However, what he told us was a little surprising. When you think tailgating food, you probably think things like beer, bratwurst, chili, and maybe some burgers, but Renner said the 49ers are "a little bit more highbrow sometimes." He explained, "They [have] sushi when they tailgate ... Yeah, [for] the 49ers, sushi is always the go-to ... I thought it was so funny. I [couldn't] believe people were eating sushi out in the parking lot. [It's] amazing."

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Sushi For The Super Bowl?

Jeremy Renner at Disney event
Jeremy Renner at Disney event - Anna Webber/Getty Images

Sushi? For the Super Bowl? Color us shocked. It's not exactly on the standard list of must-have Super Bowl foods. If you look at football fans like Donna Kelce, who's cheered on her sons Jason and Travis in multiple Super Bowls over the last few years, she's naming favorite Super Bowl foods like hot dogs, chicken wings, and Philly cheesesteaks — so sushi isn't exactly on most fans' menus. However, Jeremy Renner is going for the sushi.

Sushi aside, Renner will admit that he'll "never turn down a chili dog," so there is at least one thing that you might be enjoying at your own Super Bowl shindig that would make its way onto his plate. Whatever you plan for the Super Bowl, though, you can catch Renner's ad spot — created alongside his daughter Ava — with Silk during the big game, as he promotes using Silk's plant-based milks in your daily breakfast.

Watch Jeremy Renner's ad spot with Silk during the Super Bowl this Feb. 11. If you can't catch the game, you can also view the ad across Silk's social media on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

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