The Undoing actress Matilda De Angelis just posted an inspiring acne selfie

Cassie Powney
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Photo credit: Ernesto Ruscio - Getty Images
Photo credit: Ernesto Ruscio - Getty Images

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If you watched the gripping HBO TV series The Undoing, actress Matilda De Angelis will be familiar to you. Sure, she didn't stay alive for very long (thanks, Hugh), but her beautiful, haunting face appeared in flashbacks throughout the remaining episodes.

And the word that came to mind as I watched her float around looking seductive and spooky: flawless. She appeared to have the typical 25-year-old skin we all dream of: healthy, plump and with the perfect spattering of freckles, which is why when she posted a candid selfie on Tuesday revealing an angry acne breakout, I was a little taken aback... then so very grateful.

Matilda posted the selfie alongside a long caption, which she then translated from Italian to English.

It read:

"There are things that cannot be controlled and this year taught us well. There are changes that we must accept in our life and with them, the perception of ourselves and the world around us. Paradoxical things happen in life don't they? Well, for me, being an actress and working with a face eaten by acne is one of them. Every day I have to wake up and present myself first in front of the mirror and then in front of the camera with all the emotional load that already entails and being “splendid”, “ in part” and concentrated together with all my fears and insecurities literally on the skin. There are much bigger problems in life, I am aware of that, but I wanted to share this little truth perhaps to feel stronger, perhaps to accept myself better. Our fears can paralyze us or they can become a great force, it is up to us to choose the path. And to practice so much gratitude for all the good things that happen to us and maybe even for the bad ones."

Thanks for keeping it real, Matilda, and for normalising your breakouts off screen 🙌🏻

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