These are Umbrella Academy stars Rob Sheehan and Tom Hopper's favourite series

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Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

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The second series of The Umbrella Academy is almost here, and after waiting a full year and a half for its release we couldn't be more ready to get stuck in again. Series two drops on Netflix on 31st July so in the meantime, we caught up with series cast Rob Sheehan (aka Klaus Hargreeves) and Tom Hopper (Luther Hargreeves) to play a little game of Stan or Ban, where they reveal what they're loving and loathing.

From their dream takeaways ("these little spicy potato cakes"), to their most hated evening plans, ("going to a nightclub, or any room where people are wedged in like sardines and the music is to the roof... that's my idea of hell on earth").

And of course, it wouldn't be Stan or Ban without the TV show question, and it turns out that Rob Sheehan needs inviting to the Normal People fan club.

"Ive been bigging it up because the acting and the cast, and the directing is all dialled right in to a piece of drama that knows itself very well... I suppose it was because it's a book that knows itself very well... I haven't read the book."

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK - Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK - Hearst Owned

Next up, Tom Hopper talked about the show that defined a lot of his acting, "Friends is my all time favourite TV show, I grew up on that," he said. "It influenced a lot of my love for comedy and what I enjoy doing in comedy, and the kind of things that I find funny when we're acting so the choices that I make are influenced a lot by Friends."

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK - Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK - Hearst Owned

Well, on that note. Could we BE any more excited for Umbrella Academy S2?

You can watch the rest of Rob and Tom's Stan or Ban in the video above.

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