The Umbrella Academy fans point out glaring error in season 3- did you spot it?

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The Umbrella Academy season three has gone down a treat with viewers since making its long-awaited debut on Netflix last week.

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However, while enjoying the new episodes, one eagle-eyed fan was quick to point out a huge error that the show had made - did you spot it?

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Taking to Reddit, they pointed out that in the first episode of season three, Sparrow Ben, who is played by Justin H. Min, looks very different from the last time we saw him - despite the fact that it is supposed to pick things up immediately after the events of the season two finale.

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Gone are his scruffy beard and forward combed fringe; instead, he appears to have a cleaner look with brushed-back hair and no sign of facial hair. "Did the producers forget how they styled him, or was it on purpose?" they questioned.


Sparrow Ben at the end of season two appearing scruffy and unshaved

Reacting to the post, a fellow fan said: "I just looked it up myself and wow, you're right! Can't believe the production crew missed that."

Another wrote: "Haha, wow, everything about him looks different! They even changed the Sparrows' outfits," and a fourth speculated that the change may have even been intentional. "Maybe fans complained about Ben's hairstyle so the production team has changed it," they suggested.


Sparrow Ben at the beginning of season three looking completely different

While the reason why Ben was given a makeover remains unclear, it's not the first time the character has undergone a change. As fans will know, Sparrow Ben is not actually the original Ben we met back in season one. 

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The Umbrella version of Ben died during the Jennifer Incident back in season two, before viewers were introduced to Sparrow Ben, who is a lot meaner than his original timeline counterpart.

However, fans have been left with hope that Ben didn't actually die after the show's cryptic mid-credits scene, which appears to show Ben in a subway car in Korea. Fans have been left stumped whether it is OG Ben, Sparrow Ben or another Ben copy entirely. We'll have to wait until season four to get answers!

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