An Ultra-Quiet Fan—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Shop a mini vacuum for your desk, a water bottle cleaning pod, and a portable air purifier.

<p>Courtesy of Windmill</p>

Courtesy of Windmill

There are endless ways to make life a bit more simple. Maybe you're looking for a way to easily clean up crumbs from your desk post-lunch. Or, maybe you're redecorating with both style and air quality in mind, meaning you're on the hunt for a paint that's actually zero VOC as well as a portable air purifier that matches your home's aesthetic. Don't worry, we've got you covered with unique finds that will make your life a bit brighter, cleaner, and sweeter.

Zero-VOC Paint

<p>Photo Courtesy of Alkemis Paints</p>

Photo Courtesy of Alkemis Paints

Not only does this eco-friendly mineral paint come in 119 gorgeous colors, it also has the benefit of being zero VOC (most paints are low VOC, but Alkemis is truly free of off-gassing toxins). It's also resistant to mold, algae, and fungi growth making it safer for you and your family. Start with this fan deck to choose the perfect shade for any room in your home.

Water Bottle Cleaning Pods

<p>Photo Courtesy of Grove Co.</p>

Photo Courtesy of Grove Co.

Need an easier way to clean out your water bottle? You're so not alone. That's why we love these new cleaning pods from Grove Co.—just pop one in, let it fizz and do it's thing for ten to 15 minutes, rinse it out, and voila! All clean. You can also use these for to-go coffee mugs, small blenders, and more. Just make sure you don't replace the lid or cap while the pod is in action, since it will pressurize and lead to a bigger mess to clean.

Customized Candy Gram

<p>Photo Courtesy of Sugarwish</p>

Photo Courtesy of Sugarwish

Need an easy gift for Mother's Day or just a special treat for a pal? Sugarwish is a personalized way to send the recipient sweet or savory snacks that they'll actually like. Here's how it works: You send them an eCard (options range from $25-$129) and they pick their own selection of treats, from options like popcorn, jelly beans, wasabi peas, and more!

Sleek Portable Fan

Photo Courtesy of Windmill Air
Photo Courtesy of Windmill Air

Fans are necessary products for keeping the air fresh inside your home—but they can be obnoxious and, let's be honest, just unattractive. This sleek fan and air circulator, however, is 29% more powerful, 25% smaller, and 20% quieter than other traditional fans in its class. You can choose between five different speeds and operate it via the app or a sleek remote. Plus, it comes in five colors, so you can make a statement or have it seamlessly blend in with the rest of your space. Goodbye, unsightly fans!

Mini Desk Vacuum

<p>Photo Courtesy of Amazon</p>

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Dust and debris get the boot with this cute, teeny handheld vacuum specifically designed for desk cleanup. No more messy keyboards or crummy notebooks post-lunch! The mini vacuum comes in three colors and works up to two and a half hours on a single charge.

Wireless Air Purifier

Photo Courtesy of MoMA Store
Photo Courtesy of MoMA Store

This air purifier is not only portable, but it's also sleek, quieter than a fridge, and available for under $150. Plus, you'll get up to 35 hours of run time on a single charge. Now go forth and fight nasty particulates and cooking smells with this pretty purifier.

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