Make The Ultimate Whiskey Dessert Sauce With Just 2 Ingredients

Sauce being poured onto ice cream
Sauce being poured onto ice cream - olga_arisphoto/Shutterstock

Whiskey and brown sugar are like complementary colors on the color wheel. They make each other look and taste that much better. To wit, for a sweeter bourbon experience, rimming your old fashioned with brown sugar makes for a delicious sip. But there's more these two ingredients can do together. Whiskey and brown sugar form a deliciously sweet sauce that is perfect for drizzling over an ice cream sundae or a flaky croissant for a breakfast treat.

Per the blog Kitchen Pit, you can use Jack Daniels and brown sugar to whip up a two-ingredient sauce that is sweet, sticky, smoky, and delicious. Combine the two in a saucepan and heat until the brown sugar dissolves, similar to how you make a good salted caramel sauce. When it is velvety smooth, you're in business. But you may want to save this one for the adults at the table because even though some of the whiskey will evaporate, not all of it will.

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Experiment With Your Whiskey

A variety of whiskies
A variety of whiskies - Andrii_Lomovskii/Shutterstock

What you will love about this sauce beyond its ease is how the sweetness of the molasses in the brown sugar plays against the woody and smoky warmth of whatever whiskey you choose. You might even want to try a fruity whiskey like Crown Royale Blackberry or a little 1792 Bourbon Sweet Wheat to experience a layer of flavors. If you like to drink it, there's a good chance you will enjoy it in this sauce.

If you're looking to add a creamy element for a more true caramel sauce taste, add a pat of butter to the sauce or a little heavy cream as it cooks and enjoy the decadence over a slice of warm Dutch apple pie a la mode or your next batch of homemade crunchy granola. And of course, don't be afraid to use this sauce as a glaze for a sweet coating for chicken or ribs. Your taste buds will thank you.

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