The ultimate Friends quiz for fans with true Unagi

friends quiz
The ultimate Friends quiz for fans with true UnagiNBC Universal

If you can believe it Friends aired its final episode all the way back in 2004. And even though the show is almost as old as some Love Island contestants it still has a huge cultural influence today, as well as a pretty constant fanbase with some impressive encyclopaedic knowledge on the sitcom.

In fact, I'd hazard a guess that you consider yourself one of those all-knowing fans, don'tcha? After ten years on our screens there certainly is a lot of Friends trivia knocking about, and while lots of our consider ourselves true oracles on the topic - after all, Friends is pretty much the ultimate comfort show rewatch - what you know, or don't know, might surprise you.

Well, here's your chance to put it all to the test with our ultimate list of Friends quiz questions. Good luck!

Friends quiz questions:

  1. What were the series' original titles before writers settled on Friends?

  2. What was the name of Ross's pet monkey who appeared in season 1?

  3. Which two main characters were only meant to be supporting roles?

  4. How many times did Ross get divorced?

  5. What was the name of the actor who played Ugly Naked Guy?

  6. Which of Joey's sisters did Chandler fool around with in season 3?

  7. Which member of the cast did Pat the Dog belong to in real life?

  8. What is Chandler's middle name?

  9. What ingredient did Rachel accidentally put in her Thanksgiving trifle?

  10. How many categories does Monica have for her towels?

  11. What does Phoebe find in a soda can in season 1?

  12. How many pages was Rachel letter to Ross in season 4?

  13. How was Joey's Days of our Lives character, Dr Drake Ramoray, originally killed off in season 2?

  14. What's written on the bottom of Ross's Apollo 8 model that he made as a kid?

  15. What do Chandler and Monica name their twins?

  16. Which of Rachel's ex-boyfriends has the same jumper as Ross, causing some confusion of the father of her baby in season 8?

  17. Who is the first of the main cast to speak in episode 1?

  18. What was the name of Joey's penguin toy?

  19. What does Phoebe legally change her name to after her wedding to Mike in season 10?

  20. What's the first wedding gift Monica opens after her wedding to Chandler in season 8?

  21. Which book does Joey put in the freezer in season 3?

  22. Who did Phoebe think "Kenny the copy guy" was in season 6?

  23. What was the name of Ross and Chandler’s band back in college?

  24. Where does Rachel end up going on Ross’ honeymoon by herself in season 5?

  25. Where did David – the scientist who Phoebe dated – have to move to for work in season 1?

  26. Which movie is actually Rachel’s favourite – even though she claims that it is Dangerous Liaisons?

  27. Monica couldn't tell the time until she was what age?

  28. What is Joey's Cabbage Patch Kid named?

  29. Where does Chandler tell Janice he is moving to to avoid having to break up with her in season 4?

  30. What was the name of Rachel’s hairless cat in season 5?

  31. Which of the friends had their identity stolen in season 1?

  32. Which letter of the encyclopaedia does Joey buy in season 4?

  33. Who eventually ends up being the maid of honour at Monica’s wedding in season 7?

  34. Which accent does Ross start doing when he is teaching a class in season 6?

  35. What was the name of Ross and Monica's dog when they were kids?

  36. What was Joey's nickname when he worked at Alessandro's in season 4?

  37. Which word did Rachel misspell on her resume?

  38. What did Monica want from Phoebe as an engagement present in season 7?

  39. What was the name of the lipstick brand for men that Joey starred in a Japanese advert for?

  40. What did Rachel get a tattoo of – despite Ross’ initial objections – in season 2?

Friends quiz answers

  1. Insomnia Café, Friends Like Us, and Six of One.

  2. Marcel

  3. Chandler and Phoebe

  4. Three

  5. Jon Haugen

  6. Mary Angela

  7. Jennifer Aniston

  8. Muriel

  9. Beef

  10. Eleven

  11. A human thumb

  12. 18 pages (front and back)

  13. He falls down an elevator shaft

  14. "I hate Monica"

  15. Erica and Jack

  16. Tag

  17. Monica

  18. Hugsy

  19. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

  20. A tiny salt shaker

  21. The Shining by Stephen King

  22. Ralph Lauren

  23. Way, No Way

  24. Athens

  25. Minsk

  26. Weekend at Bernies

  27. Thirteen

  28. Alicia May Emory

  29. Yemen

  30. Mrs Whiskerton

  31. Monica

  32. V

  33. Rachel

  34. A fake English accent

  35. Chi-Chi

  36. Dragon

  37. Computer

  38. Phoebe’s grandmother’s chocolate chip cookie recipe

  39. Ichiban

  40. A small heart

Happy quizzing, friends!

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