The UK’s favourite foods: Wales

The UK’s favourite foods: Wales

It’s the seventh week of The Great British Menu competition and we’re travelling round the valleys of Wales.

Here's a reminder of what we’re doing. Each week we nominate five foods from a different part of the UK, roughly aligned with show's episodes. We think these foods are either quintessentially linked to the area through history, or they are more modern staples that began in that region, with many subsequently spreading in popularity throughout the rest of the isles.

We’ll then invite you to vote for your favourite of our choices – and disagree vehemently with what we've come up with in the Comments section. Voting will remain open for each region until May 29. Then the top choice from each region will go forward into a national vote to decide the UK’s favourite food.

Welsh lamb

The principality is rightly famous for its ovine offerings. The lush grass of Wales is certainly enjoyed by lambs, hoggets and sheep. Indeed, Welsh lamb even has PGI status.

Our lamb recipes


I know what you’re thinking, green seaweedy goo. It’s the same stuff that’s wrapped round your sushi though. In fact Sushi Day even make ‘Welsh sushi’ in Cardiff. Or you can have it the traditional way, fried in the fat from the bacon pan and served with toast.

Bara Brith

This is the heavy artillery of the UK’s cake world, up there with Yorkshire tea bread, Lincolnshire plum breads and such like. Bloomin’ marvellous with a cup of tea.


(pronounced cowl) On paper, a simple lamb stewy soup. In the hearts of the Welsh though, it’s soul food. Plenty of recipes and variations abound, leeks are key though. Like most stews it tastes even better the next day.

Caerphilly cheese

The quintessential Welsh cheese, said to have been invented in the 1880s. It was originally sold in the market town of Caerphilly, which gave it its name. It’s also a key ingredient in a Glamorgan sausage.

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