The UK cities where couples have the most sex, according to new survey

Couple in bed together. (Getty Images)
In which city are residents most likely to feel stuck in a sexual rut? New survey reveals truth about our bedroom antics. (Getty Images)

Ever wondered how often everyone else is having sex? If you're in a relationship, should it be several times a week or is once a month enough? Now a new sex survey shows which areas of the UK couples are seeing the most action beneath the sheets.

The research found that around 8% of people are having sex every day in London, while in second place came Northern Ireland where a third (30%) of residents say they have sex two to three times per week.

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Nearly half (48%) of Cardiff residents said sex was an important way to stay connected with a partner, but 18% (nearly one in five) of respondents from the Welsh capital also admitted they felt they were in a sexual rut.

The survey was commissioned by lubricant brand Knect (the new name for KY Jelly) who polled 2,000 Brits on their sex habits.

Other findings included 39% of people from Birmingham saying they felt they were adventurous in the bedroom, while 16% of Bristolians experimented with lubrication, the most in the UK.

People in London are the most likely to have intercourse daily, according to a new sex survey. (Getty Images)
People in London are the most likely to have intercourse daily, according to a new sex survey. (Getty Images)

Those in Norwich admitted they felt the least connected to their partners, while 47% of people from Newcastle said the way they felt most connected to their partners was through massage.

While, UK-wide, sex was the most important factor for couples to feel close to their partner, 37% said they felt close to their other half when watching TV together, and 27% said they felt close to their partner when they had breakfast in bed together.

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For the 26% of people who feel stuck in a sexual rut, sex and relationship psychologist Jo Hemmings said: “Doing the same thing, every time, in the same order is the sexual equivalent of eating the same meals every day, forever. However lovely it might be, it does get boring without a bit of variety.

“It is easy to get into poor habits in the bedroom, so it’s important to try out new things. A change of scenery is always a good idea. Taking it out of the bedroom and into another room can shake things up a bit and will make your intimate moments feel that little bit more adventurous.”

Hemmings suggested using a feather or a blindfold to “heighten your senses” or to ramp up the roleplay in the bedroom.

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She also added that confidence is key when getting out of a sexual rut. “Feeling sexually confident is key to staying connected with your partner,” she continued.

“If bedroom confidence is something that you are struggling with, there are ways to improve this. Ensure you’re concentrating on what works for you and letting one other know what feels good, is the best route to creating confidence in the bedroom.”