Uber says longest-ever passenger journey was from London Heathrow to Loch Lomond

Uber says longest-ever passenger journey was from London Heathrow to Loch Lomond

Uber has revealed that its longest-ever passenger journey was from London’s Heathrow airport to Loch Lomond in Scotland.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary of operating London, the ride-hailing app has revealed a slew of surprising statistics from its last decade.

The 422-mile London-to-Scotland journey was undertaken in July 2018, and it took over six hours to make. Uber said that the average trip is approximately 4.51 miles.

The company also revealed that its busiest day was 14 December 2019, with over 1 million completed rides in under 24 hours, which was credited to office Christmas parties.

According to the new data, the top-visited cities in the UK are Leeds, London, Manchester and Birmingham, with train stations like Manchester Piccadilly and London’s King’s Cross being the most popular locations.

The number of drivers working for Uber has also risen from 69 in 2012 to approximately 85,000 today. Passenger numbers have grown from 1,288 in 2012 to 5 million annually today.

Andrew Brem, general manager at Uber, said: “This week I had the chance to meet many of the wonderful drivers who have driven on Uber for the last 10 years, all of which have played a crucial role in growing the business into what it is today.

“I wanted to personally thank them for their commitment and professionalism in getting our riders where they need to go and changing the way our cities move. Uber has continuously evolved over the last decade which has enabled us to take the lead on important issues such as electric vehicles, safety and worker rights. The journey continues with drivers at the heart of everything we do.”

Last year the British Supreme Court ruled that Uber drivers must be treated as workers rather than being categorised as self-employed.

This change meant that thousands of Uber drivers were now entitled to minimum wage and holiday pay.