Tyra Banks Says She Doesn't Feel "Insecure" About Turning 50

"I think 50 is the new 30s."

<p>Noam Galai/Getty Images)</p>

Noam Galai/Getty Images)

Add another supermodel to the list of women who aren't afraid to embrace their age. Just days after Gisele Bündchen said that she "loved" being in her 40s, fellow model Tyra Banks told People that she isn't "insecure" about turning 50 whatsoever and that she actually feels like the age milestone is the new 30.

"I look in the mirror and I don't feel 50," Banks said. "I think 50 is the new 30s."

She also revealed that she doesn't feel the pressure of getting plastic surgery. She said that she hasn't gotten any "age plastic surgery stuff," but won't rule it out in the future.

"When I look in the mirror, I don't see it. I have not had age plastic surgery stuff. Not against it. I just haven't had it yet," she said ahead of her major 50th birthday, which is coming up on Dec. 4. "Maybe I'll need a little something something — I am 50 even though I'm not [yet]. But I'm not insecure about it."

Banks continued, saying that she'll be using that number to her advantage every chance she gets and that, in fact, she's already dropping the big 5-0 to help her in certain situations, like speaking her mind (not that she ever had any trouble with that).

"I keep saying I'm 50 as an excuse. When people ask me I say, 'I ain't doing that — I'm 50,'" she said. "Or, 'I'm just going to tell you what I think because I'm 50.' I think 50 is the new 30s."

<p>Franziska Krug/Getty Images for Marc Cain</p>

Franziska Krug/Getty Images for Marc Cain

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Banks also shared that she won't be having an over-the-top birthday party this year. She told People that her boyfriend (she's rumored to be dating Canadian businessman Louis Bélanger-Martin) wanted to give her a huge celebration, but she found out and let him know it wasn't what she wanted. Instead, she just wants a low-key day at Disneyland.

"My man, he wanted to throw this huge 50-year-old birthday for me and I kind of found out about it," she continued. "I let him know, I have no desire to do that. I just want to go to Disneyland with the family."

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