The Type Of Sushi Roll You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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From the gas station grab-and-go section you enjoy in your car to the Nobu served to the lucky 1% who enjoy private VistaJet flights, sushi rolls don't discriminate when it comes to where, how, when, or even who should eat them — and neither should we. There are those who might point their noses up to anything served with cream cheese or spicy mayo on the side, deeming them too American or non-traditional. But, not here. If you ask me, every type of sushi roll has its place. All it needs is the right person to truly appreciate it, and that could all come down to your zodiac sign.

From spicy tuna rolls to California rolls, and from Boston rolls to king crab rolls, there's a sushi roll for every city, state, fish, and crustacean. So, why wouldn't there be one for your zodiac sign? Whether you're a sushi snob expecting a kaiseki or an open-minded, frequenter of Tokyo's women-run sushi restaurants, there are plenty of avenues of culture to explore when it comes to sushi rolls. These, however, come straight from the cosmos. Keep reading to discover what type of sushi roll you are, based on your zodiac sign. But if you don't like it, don't blame me — blame your planetary alignments.

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spicy tuna roll
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Bold, ambitious, motivated, and passionate — all words to describe the Aries. Mellow, however, is not one of them. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are known for their competitive streak. As it turns out, they want to be first everywhere else in life too, and they're anything but shy about it. Not only are they the first sign, but they're also the first fire sign on the zodiac calendar, and boy are these signs spicy. Known for being hot-headed with an explosive temper, Aries aren't people you want to stand in the way of.

That isn't to say these signs aren't lovely to be around. They can be upbeat, playful, and positive people who enjoy living life to the fullest — but their impulsive and fiery nature often leads them into situations that overshadow that. For that reason, if the Aries were any type of sushi roll, it'd be just as spicy as they are. That, of course, makes them the spicy tuna roll. Made from a combination of raw tuna and chili sauce, the spicy tuna roll is as bold in flavor as these signs are in spirit — with a spice level that will go straight to your head.

Fittingly, it's also easily one of the most popular sushi rolls in American sushi restaurants, so you Aries should read this and feel like winners. But, if it's not quite spicy enough, you can always turn to spicy mayo to give your tuna roll a little more heat.


California roll close up
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There's a lot you can say about the Taurus. These signs are grounded, calming, trustworthy, and dependable people — but most people will forget about all of that and tell you that they're stubborn. It's true, Tauruses value routine and stability so much that it can feel impossible to get them to do anything outside of their comfort zone. While it makes them the level-headed, unwaveringly faithful friends that we know them to be, it can be frustrating should you ever invite them to try something new.

That all goes to say that, if you have a friend who doesn't like sushi, and that friend also happens to be a Taurus, you've probably given up on the hope of getting them to come out to dinner with you. Even if they weren't a Taurus, it can be difficult to convince someone freaked out over eating raw fish to come out for sushi. But that's why, if the Taurus were any type of sushi roll on the menu, they'd be one of the sushi rolls that don't contain raw fish: The California roll.

Made from boiled crab meat, fresh avocado, mayonnaise, and a layer of nori rolled into the inner side of the rice to hide it from view, the California roll is considered a gateway sushi roll. This sign has no excuse not to join their friends for sushi later, since the California roll is at every sushi place ever.


Alaska roll close up
Alaska roll close up - Martin Krondorfer/Shutterstock

If there were one word to sum up the Gemini experience, it'd be controversial. Yes, these signs are fun, fast-moving, social, and curious people — and they're quite the topic within the zodiac community. Represented by twins, many think that Geminis are two-faced. Whether it's true or not is up for debate. In the sushi world, Geminis are the equivalent of cream cheese and mayonnaise (two ingredients non-traditional to Japanese styles). However, the type of sushi roll they are comes down to the variety of fish that is used.

If the Gemini were any sushi roll, they'd be the Alaska roll. As the name suggests, this roll hails from Alaska, and it's made from a variety of salmon that's near and dear to sourdoughs' hearts — perhaps even more than sourdough, the bread with a cultural connection so deep that it's what locals call each other. The Alaska roll is best when it utilizes the state's fresh seafood, and while it includes crab the fish variety that's of controversy is the one that's placed on top of the roll: A thin sliver of salmon. Prepared fresh in its home state — or any sushi restaurant, really — that's more than likely going to be Alaskan salmon, a variety it's time to rethink our appetite for. Hence, the controversy befitting these signs.


King crab sushi roll
King crab sushi roll - Jordi Calvera/Shutterstock

While understanding and compassionate people, Cancers are difficult people to get to know themselves. These signs tend to put off a cold, hard front around people they've just met, often disguising their sensitivities with humor. Underneath it all, they're really just big softies. Empathetic, nurturing, and loyal, there's not much bad to say about these signs. That is, besides the fact that they're incredibly self-defensive. They're also highly sensitive to their environments and are known for being homebodies — if you even consider that as something bad. Come to think of it, whether positive or negative, all of their qualities go hand in hand with this sign's associated crustacean: The crab.

Knowing that, the type of sushi roll a Cancer would be is fairly easy in the sense that it should contain crab. But, while many varieties of sushi rolls contain the tasty shellfish, most are actually imitation crab — and only one has been crowned the king, AKA the king crab roll. Often likened to lobster, king crabs are the most expensive variety of crab you can get. It's so flavorful that it's usually the only filling used in these rolls. However, it's not uncommon to find additions like cucumbers or avocado that provide a nice textural contrast. The one drawback, of course, is that these rolls are usually the most expensive option on the menu. On the bright side, it does give these signs an excuse to eat in — which they were probably banking on anyway.


take away tray with Boston roll
take away tray with Boston roll - Breakingthewalls/Getty Images

Some might call Leos attention seeking, but they can't help it that everyone notices them. These signs have an undeniable star quality to them, and like the lions they're represented by, they'll proudly take their place as the kings and queens of the zodiac. While sometimes guilty of assuming the world revolves around them — they are ruled by the sun, after all — Leos are simultaneously passionate, confident, and loyal. Sure, they can be braggy at times, but they're equally as excited to celebrate other's achievements. In fact, these signs will take any excuse to throw a lavish party or host a decadent dinner — anything to fulfill their celebrity fantasies.

Deep inside, every Leo sees themselves as a star — and they live their lives accordingly. It's why their Instagram stories always show them doing something extravagant, but it's also part of the reason why they're so much fun to be around. These signs believe in living life to the fullest, and nothing says that like a bit of caviar or roe. That's why, if the Leo were any type of sushi roll in particular, they'd be the Boston roll. Filled with the classic combination of shrimp, avocado, and cucumber, this sushi roll takes things up a notch with a coating of tobiko — the roe of flying fish — around the outside of it. It's eye-catching, and a bit extra, just like these signs like it.


singular tamago roll
singular tamago roll - Naveebird/Getty Images

Being the most productive of all the zodiac signs, Virgos get a lot of satisfaction from completing tasks both big and small. These signs jump on most of the ordinary, minuscule chores others procrastinate, and they have a knack for breaking down big assignments into small, tangible steps. Knowing that, Virgos would be more than up for the challenge of making sushi at home. But, the sushi roll that the Virgo is would have to include a couple of extra steps — if not to satisfy their perfectionist tendencies, then to occupy their minds for a little while longer.

These signs get a lot of self-worth not only from getting things done but also from completing them without flaws. Now, making sushi at home will take practice, but the kind the Virgo is will likely take a bit more — especially for their standards. That's because the type of sushi roll they are is a tamago roll. Tamago, or tamagoyaki, is a specialty-style rolled omelet that originates in Japan. So, not only will the Virgo have the challenge of rolling their sushi rolls, but they'll have to perfect the art of rolling the eggs for their tamago, too. But, knowing these signs, they're sure to follow all instructions to a T.


Rainbow roll on plate
Rainbow roll on plate - Ahirao_photo/Getty Images

Deemed the aesthetes of the zodiac, Libras are known for their talent in design, decoration, curation, and styling. It can all be narrowed down to their eye for balance, which explains why they're the only zodiac sign represented by an inanimate object: the scale. What most people don't know, however, is that this sign's obsession with balance extends to every aspect of their lives, but their relationships especially. These signs thrive in companionship. Whether that be romantic or platonic, the Libra craves the kind of partner that balances them out. Still, it doesn't hurt if they're attractive, too.

Not to say these signs are shallow, but they're definitely motivated by physical appearance. That only means that, if the Libra were any type of sushi roll in particular, it'd have to be one that looks as good as it tastes. Given that, their go-to sushi roll could only be the rainbow roll. As an inside-out style roll, the rainbow roll keeps the nori under wraps. That then leaves the crisp white sushi rice on the outside of the roll, providing the perfect blank canvas for the slices of sashimi, avocado, salmon, tuna, and yellowtail to really pop — hence the roll's name. Without its colorful decor on the inside, the rainbow roll would essentially just be a California roll. In turn, the rainbow roll shows that what's on the outside is just as important as what's on the inside — something the Libra can definitely get behind.


sushi with togarashi threads on top
sushi with togarashi threads on top - Sergey Nazarov/Getty Images

Scorpios have quite the reputation, but they're notoriously misunderstood. Know for being secretive — or, put in a better way, mysterious — there's a lot to uncover about these signs. However, the odds of that happening are few and far between. You see, Scorpios are power-hungry and, to them, being vulnerable isn't conducive to that. Still, given that these signs are attracted to the shadowy parts of society, you can always bet something juicy is going on in their lives. So, naturally, the sushi roll they are has a lot going on with it too.

If the Scorpio were any type of sushi roll, they'd be what's known as the firecracker roll. Now, these rolls can refer to many different types of sushi rolls with different fillings. What makes a firecracker roll a firecracker roll is a condiment known as togarashi. Made from orange zest, chili flakes, and Sichuan peppercorns, togarashi is what gives these rolls their signature flavor. It's also fitting that they're named after a small explosive, as these signs are often associated with destruction, but also transformation — which is where the togarashi comes in.


dragon roll on black plate
dragon roll on black plate - Anton Dobrea/Getty Images

Represented by the archer, the Sagittarius is considered the adventurer of the zodiac. These signs have a relentless wanderlust and thirst for knowledge that leads them to far-off places in search of even more far-off experiences. Free-spirited, and unbound by any recollection of rules or expectations, Sagittariuses live life on their own terms. These signs don't place limits themselves, and their life mantras fall in line with the sentiment of "going big or going home." So, while they are frequent travelers, the type of sushi roll the Sagittarius would be couldn't be traditionally Japanese — they're far too simple, in a good way, just, not for these signs. Instead, they'd fall more in line with the dragon roll.

Like other American-style sushi rolls, the dragon roll is surprising for those whose taste buds are more accustomed to Japanese sushi recipes. Filled with tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, and crab, dragon rolls are made all the more decadent with an extra topping of thinly sliced avocado and eel sauce — giving it a sweet and salty flavor that is completely unexpected by traditional Japanese standards. Just like the Sagittarius, the dragon roll doesn't follow the rules. It's even more fitting for these signs because Sagittariuses are known for being brutally honest. These signs might as well be breathing fire with their signature bluntness. The good thing is, these signs are almost impossible to stay angry at — which only ties them back to the salty and sweet combination presented in their sushi roll.


Philadelphia sushi roll
Philadelphia sushi roll - Anton Dobrea/Getty Images

Capricorns are known as the "workaholics" of the zodiac, and they probably wouldn't deny it, either. These signs have a fierce determination and relentless resilience which, paired with their goal-setting attitudes, unwavering ability to focus, and responsible nature, make them perfectly adept at living up to their stereotype. It also doesn't hurt that they're represented by a mythological creature known as the sea goat, and associated with the knees — two examples that only further signify the Capricorns' predestined aptitude for climbing. All signs point up for the Capricorn, and nothing will stand in their way.

Knowing how laser-focused these signs are on their goals, and their predisposition tendencies to overwork themselves, it's likely that the Capricorn doesn't always have time for breakfast. That's why, if this sign were any type of sushi roll, it'd be one that they can order for dinner and eat for breakfast in the morning — making them none other than the Philadelphia roll.

Named after the city it was invented in, but also its signature ingredient — Philadelphia cream cheese — this sushi roll has all of the elements of a traditional lox bagel: smoked salmon, cucumbers, and cream cheese. Only, they're rolled in sushi rice and nori. Enjoyed as leftovers, Capricorns could easily sprinkle some everything but the bagel seasoning — or better, furikake, the Japanese seasoning mix you should never skip at Trader Joe's — in the morning and be on their merry way.


classic kappa maki cucumber roll
classic kappa maki cucumber roll - Ryzhkov/Getty Images

Oddly enough, despite being represented by the water bearer, and the literal "aqua" in their names, Aquariuses aren't water signs — they're air signs. It only goes to show how far they'll go not to be put into a box. From their funky senses of fashion to their unpopular opinions, Aquariuses makes it a point to stand apart from the crowd. Much of it can be tied to the fact that they're the humanitarians of the zodiac, with a deep connection to community and egalitarian spirit. How else are they supposed to make the world a better place for everyone without ridding themselves of all biases and social associations?

All of that said, it's clear that, if the Aquarius were any type of sushi roll, they'd have to be one that's somewhat unorthodox — but also progressive in a way. Given that they're humanitarians, determined to make a positive impact in the world, it only makes sense the sushi roll they'd be would include no fish whatsoever. While some might argue that sushi without fish isn't actually sushi at all, that only makes it more fitting for these eccentric signs.

For that reason, if the Aquarius were any type of sushi roll they'd be kappa maki, one of the most popular vegetarian sushi roll options in Japan, with a long history I might add. Made from Julienne cut cucumbers, wrapped in sushi rice and nori, kappa maki is the sushi roll that works for everybody — just like these signs.


uni rolls on white plate
uni rolls on white plate - Mumemories/Getty Images

Empathetic, intuitive, and a little aloof, there's a lot to say about the Pisces. But, what really makes these signs unique is their minds. These signs are incredibly imaginative, so much so that they can often struggle to stay present in reality. In so, they're represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. The depiction is also why they're commonly referred to as "the fish" of the zodiac, which is fitting because they seem to find comfort in the ocean. In so, this sign's sushi roll would also have to be a friend of the sea.

Most sushi rolls are made from fish species that are facing immense population decline, which, paired with the effects of climate change, have greatly impacted the lives of our friends under the sea — but not uni. The number of these sea urchins has increased, and their negative impacts on kelp forests have led to a call for increased consumption of them. Uncoincidentally, there's no better way to eat these delicacies than in the form of the type of sushi roll the Pisces would be, the uni roll.

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