Tying Sausages Has Never Been Simpler Than With This Easy TikTok Method

Sausage in pan with herbs
Sausage in pan with herbs - from my point of view/Shutterstock

Sausages are a delicious style of meat product consumed in a variety of forms all around the world. From chorizo to andouille to bratwurst and more, there are endless types of sausages using various cooking methods. They often consist of minced chicken, beef, or pork seasoned with herbs and spices then stuffed into animal intestines before being cooked, dried, or smoked.

While purchasing one of the popular sausage brands from the grocery store is far more convenient than making some yourself, the flavor of homemade sausage is hard to beat. Luckily, a TikTok video by "The Sausage Boss" offers a simple method for tying sausage links that takes the guesswork out of this daunting endeavor.

Instead of using string or twine to tie each sausage link off, this social media method is executed with twists by simply rotating each sausage in the opposite direction of the previous one. With your fingers on both ends of the link, twist the first sausage backward, toward you three to four times. Then, take the next link in the casing and twist it forward several times, moving it away from you in the opposite direction.

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Overstuffing Can Lead To Sausage-Tying Issues

Person tying sausage
Person tying sausage - Photology1971/Shutterstock

This technique not only makes the individual links taut, but it creates a distinct seal between each sausage that allows for a clean cut. Additionally, the TikTok user explains that giving the links time to dry out before attempting to cut them can also help the sausages keep their shape and prevent the meat from falling out of the sides.

While the video caption notes that overstuffing your casings can cause the meat to "burst through" as the links are tied, one way to avoid this is by reducing the air bubbles in your minced meat as it's loaded into the stuffer. This can be done by simply using your hand to compress the meat in the container so the air doesn't get funneled into the casing with the meat.

While tying sausages may seem like the trickiest part of making them, the prep work dictates just how seamless the process can be. The right ratio of meat and proper filling technique allows this simple sausage-tying method to shine. Plus, we have myriad sausage recipes you need to try, and making them from scratch offers endless opportunities for creative flavor combinations.

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