Twitter love story goes viral after user shares surprise update

A young woman and man spending time together indoors.
Jared Matthews shared a romantic update about the "really hot girl" he met a decade ago. (Posed by models) [Photo: Getty]

A couple’s love story has gone viral on Twitter – and it’s got everyone feeling fuzzy.

Jared Matthews, 32, who goes by the tag @Bloy on Twitter, logged back into his account after a decade, to give an update on a “really hot girl” he’d tweeted about in 2009.

When he first met a woman named Analyn at a bar in Las Vegas over a decade ago, he’d tweeted about the meeting – but openly worried that he had blown it.

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He had earlier that year vowed to “log off” Twitter, citing his boss, and only returned to tweet about the woman before leaving for good.

In the interim, magic happened – and Jared logged on yesterday to share a crucial update: the pair got married.

The tweet soon went viral – garnering over half a million likes at time of writing, which users rushing in to belatedly congratulate the couple.

In an interview with Yahoo UK, Jared shared how Analyn, now 31, found his joke “hilarious”, and the pair went on to date for three years before he proposed.

“After the first date we continued talking for weeks. Fortunately, she found the jalapeno joke hilarious,” he said. “I actually got married 7 years ago. I just didn’t care to be on Twitter. But I came back to let everyone and turns out people like it!”

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We’re clearly all suckers for a sentimental Twitter story. Earlier this year, a text message sent from a soon-to-be husband to his ex-girlfriend, on the eve of his wedding, is going viral — but not for reasons people might think.

The message was not a bachelor party slip, but what appears to be a sweet and sincere thank you, sent with his fiancée’s blessing, for helping him learn how to love.

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