These twins are so identical people think they are Photoshopped

Yes, we know twins are supposed to look alike, but these two brothers are making the Twitterverse do a serious double take. The 19-year-old studs stunned everyone with their uncanny resemblance when @ahmedtwinkie wished his older twin — by two minutes — @abdullahtwinkie a happy birthday on Twitter. The post went viral with nearly 60,000 tweets and 13,000 retweets.

The post featured several photos of the teens wearing matching plaid shirts and navy slacks. They also wore matching belts and silver chains and rings. The internet had to carefully decipher whether the photo was real or merely edited to create the identical-twin illusion.

With all the commotion and questions as to whether this twin sitch was “real or fake,” Ahmed had to set the record straight with some throwback photos of the two.

Ahmed and his twin Abdullah are from Bosnia but currently reside in Arizona. They go to college and also work part-time. The twins tell Yahoo Lifestyle they didn’t expect a simple happy birthday tweet would gather so much attention.

That said, now that it has put them on the Twitterverse map, Abdullah says they want to use their platform to preach good.

I like this fit

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“We want to make a good difference in this world. We want to bring peace and love, and for people to respect each and every religion and race out there,” says Abdullah. “We want to one day become as financially stable as possible so then we can start many charity organizations for the unfortunate all around the world.”

For all the people asking if the twins are single or in a relationship, Ahmed says he is single, but Abdullah declined to comment.

Iooking like a tired father

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