Twin sisters have dressed in identical outfits for 23 years

Meet the identical twin sisters who have worn matching outfits every day for 23 years.

Rosey Coles and Kathy Heffernan, both 69, love to dress the same when they go out together.

The sisters say they love the compliments they receive on their matching outfits and don't mind when people struggle to tell them apart.

Video transcript

- You have to plan this? How does it work? Do you work out your outfits for the week?

- No, it's not quite like that.

- No. No, no. Obviously, we don't sit down and think, well, let's wear this tomorrow. We just think, we don't make a big thing about it. I don't know. It's difficult to say.

- Does it just happen?

- Yeah, it just happen.

- We just sort of chat about it not long.

- But it's not like a thing, a routine thing we must do every day.

- No.

- We just sort of think, oh, if we're going somewhere special, that's when we particularly like to dress the same.

- To dress up.