Twiggy, 73, shares she was bedridden following injury: 'It really scared me'

Twiggy in a pink suit on Lorraine
Twiggy hurt her back ten years ago (Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

Twiggy is one of the most glamorous women on TV, so it's hard to imagine her ever looking less than perfect.

However, in an interview with Good Housekeeping, the Shout singer shared that she was confined to her bed for a week following a painful injury, that saw her reevaluate her life.

"I badly put my back out 10 years ago," she told the magazine. "I bent down for something and went into spasm. I spent the week in bed and it really scared me," she continued, before explaining how her injury motivated her to start an exercise regime.

Twiggy against a floral backdrop
Twiggy loves Pilates (Oliver Dixon/Shutterstock)

"I went to a wonderful osteopath who recommended Pilates which I started when I felt better and it's the best thing I have ever done in my life," she continued.

The 73-year-old continued: "I wish I had started earlier. It has changed my life."

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Elaborating on her wellness routine, she explained: "I do it once a week for an hour with a wonderful teacher. I have really built up strength in my core and my back. It's very gentle – although the next day I can always feel it because it works on all the small muscles."

As for maintaining her toned figure, Twiggy continued: "I love cooking and I love food, so I don't diet."

What are the benefits of Pilates?

"Pilates not only lengthens and strengthens your muscles but gives you mobility and flexibility in your body," says Chloe Burton, a trainer at London Reformer Pilates .

The majority of Pilates uses nothing but body weight, with the occasional use of additional light weights to increase strength. "Traditional Pilates exercises focus on the core, glutes and back, so it would not be uncommon to find these muscles are more visibly stronger in Pilates clients."

"Pilates is largely beneficial in helping with the prevention of falls and injuries due to its nature of stabilising and mobilising your joints," says Chloe.

Twiggy's healthy routine helps keep her well, which is lucky as she's still as busy as ever, hosting her podcast Tea with Twiggy. A musical about her life, written by Ben Elton was announced this year too.

Close Up: The Twiggy Musical, has its world premiere on 18 September, with Ben explaining in an interview with The Guardian why he was inspired by the model's story, which he claims he's been working on since her first met the star, almost 20 years ago.

"I'd read her autobiography, Twiggy In Black and White, and seen the Cilla Black drama on TV. I said, 'I wonder if there might be a drama in your life too'," Ben said.

Twiggy in a pink suit on Lorraine
Twiggy has seen the benefits of Pilates (Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

Of the pressure Twiggy faced at the height of her career, Ben said: " Twiggy was effectively blamed for anorexia. She’s a naturally skinny girl and never dieted. Yet she was the first model to carry the can for the media that used her image. They didn’t blame the magazines or photographers, they blamed a 17-year-old girl."

Speaking about the show, Twiggy told Good Housekeeping: "Ben Elton is an old friend and I love him to bits. He’s a huge talent – so clever and such a sweet man. The musical came about when we were having dinner about six years ago and he said, half-jokingly, "I should do your story! It’s an amazing story set in an amazing period – I should write it."

Close Up: The Twiggy Musical will run from 18 September, at the Menier Chocolate Factory, London SE1

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