TV stars get to experience their own funeral in wild new Channel 4 series

Celebrity Send Off,
-Credit: (Image: CHANNEL 4)

A host of famous faces have been given the chance to expiernce their own funeral.

The show, dubbed Celebrity Send Off, is a three-part mini-series where celebs are tasked with organising a mock funeral for their famous partner.

With the guidance and advice of experts from Co-op Funeralcare, viewers will see the stars reveal how they'd like their own funerals to be conducted one day.

Participating in the online series are Happy Monday's Shaun Ryder and Bez, as well as Gogglebox favourites Marcus Luther and his wife Mica Ven. Also featuring in Celebrity Send Off is national treasure Kriss Akabusi and his daughter Shakira Akabusi, reports the Mirror.

Shaun was in charge of planning Bez' pretend funeral
Bez plans Shaun Ryder's funeral in Channel 4's Celebrity Send Off -Credit:CHANNEL 4

The first episode premiered on YouTube and other social platforms on 10 July, showcasing Bez planning the funeral for his best mate Shaun.

Reflecting on the experience, Bez shared: "Bit of a weird one this, I didn't want to think about my best mate dying, but cos I know him so well I actually enjoyed getting creative and thinking of some ideas for his fake funeral that I knew he'd be chuffed with".

"I got really into it and imagined him looking down (...or up! ) and laughing at what I'd organised for him. Some of the stuff I arranged was spot on, and it all went a bit leftfield, like with flowers designed in the shape of a grey UFO."

Shaun Ryder has opened up about the bizarre yet touching experience of attending his own mock funeral, organised by his bandmate Bez on the show Celebrity Send-Off. He admitted it was surreal to see what his friend had planned, considering he'd always imagined a burial for himself rather than a cremation.

He shared: "However, I loved his ideas. What I had in my own head and seeing what Bez created for me made me appreciate the importance of having open conversations about funeral wishes as it's not something we really do."

Shaun praised his friend's efforts, saying: "Overall, I think Bez did a good job at organising my funeral cos he's such a good friend and knows me very well."

Celebrity Send-Off is making waves with its unique take on branded entertainment, following partnerships with Philips Shave Club, Skipton Building Society's Make Your Move, and Dairylea's Tiny Day Trippers earlier this year.

Mica and Marcus
Mica and Marcus

The upcoming episode, set to air on July 17, will turn the spotlight on Marcus and Mica, with Marcus taking the reins for the day.

A teaser for the episode reveals: "Marcus takes on the role of arranger and has lots of creative ideas to celebrate his wife. Ideas include a cardboard coffin which can be personalised by the congregation; white doves being released in her honour; and an elaborate Gogglebox floral design."

Interstellar, the production company behind the series, collaborated with media agency TSL (The Story Lab) to bring this concept to life, while Hanzla MacDonald commissioned the digital content.

Each episode will air on Channel 4’s YouTube channel: