How To Turn A Pomegranate Into Its Own Little Juice Container

pomegranate half and pomegranate juice
pomegranate half and pomegranate juice - Ahmet Misirligul/Shutterstock

While some foodies believe pomegranate seeds are meant to be eaten, this seasonal fruit also makes a tasty and nutritious juice. Pomegranates are known for their bright red color and sweet and sour flavor, similar to cranberries or grapes. Furthermore, Healthline says the fruit is high in antioxidants and vitamins such as folate, vitamin C, and magnesium. If you love pomegranates for the full-bodied juice, you can try extracting it from this robust fruit without relying on prepackaged bottles from the store. Better yet, you can drink pomegranate juice straight from the fruit itself.

Grab a fresh, ripe pomegranate and gently squeeze the fruit between your hands, working around the exterior to massage the fruit at even intervals. You can also roll your pomegranate against a hard surface and apply a gentle amount of top-down pressure. This calculated squeezing should burst all the inner seeds. Beyond applying adequate force, your focus should be to avoid tearing or cracking the outer skin. Press your pomegranate hard enough to pop the seeds but not so hard that you damage the skin. If the skin tears, you'll ultimately be drinking less juice.

Now for the best part: Transforming your massaged pomegranate into a portable juice container. Once your fruit has been evenly massaged, cut a small slit in the skin, hold the fruit up to your mouth with both hands, and squeeze the juice directly into your mouth through the cut.

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How To Drink Pomegranate Juice Straight From The Fruit

Hand squeezing pomegranate
Hand squeezing pomegranate - Pavlovska Yevheniia/Shutterstock

As it turns out, removing pomegranate juice directly from the fruit may be more exciting than making fresh orange juice. To experience success with this unconventional juicing technique, choose your fruit wisely. A medium-sized pomegranate yields up to ¾ cup of juice. But, to get an adequate return on your efforts, test this method with ripe fruit. The juiciest, best-tasting pomegranates are heavier than they might appear.

The unfortunate aspect of this all-in-one juicing technique is that even if you do manage to massage and cut your pomegranate with precision, sucking the juice from this ruby-red fruit is bound to make an epic mess. Do yourself a favor by attempting this method outdoors. Have a change of clothes ready, just in case. On the surface, this juicing technique seems convenient, yet may not be the most effective way to extract nutritious liquid from a single piece of produce.

To retain some fun but minimize the mess, instead of placing the pomegranate against your mouth and squeezing, place your massaged fruit in a bowl, cut a strategic opening near the top, and shove in a plastic straw. Once you suck up all the available juice, twist your straw around to obtain different angles within the fruit's interior. To release more juice, massage your pomegranate as you drink.

Ways To Juice A Pomegranate Without Any Mess

Pomegranate juice in glass with fruit
Pomegranate juice in glass with fruit - CreatoraLab/Shutterstock

If you're set on this no-frills method, instead of pouring the juice into your mouth, after cutting a small hole in the massaged fruit, squeeze its contents over a large bowl. This way, you can catch sudden spurts from the added external pressure while keeping your clothes stain-free. Once you've squeezed enough juice from the hole in your uncut fruit, slice your pomegranate in half and use a handheld juicer to help remove any extra liquid.

Alternatively, use a resealable plastic bag and a rolling pin if you want another fun way of juicing pomegranates without the mess. First, follow the pomegranate hack that makes removing seeds a breeze, then place all loose arils in a sealed plastic bag. Crush the seeds by moving a rolling pin back and forth along the surface until you see the juice beginning to pool. Cut a small hole in the bottom corner of the bag and strain. To ensure you've obtained every ounce of juice, place the leftover seeds in a fine mesh sieve over a bowl in your sink and press the pulp with a spoon. Alternatively, use a nut milk bag or tightly woven cheesecloth to strain excess juice. Sure enough, low-tech ways of juicing pomegranates can be efficient with a few basic tools and a little preparation.

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