Would You Turn Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord Into A Keepsake?

Forget popping placenta pills there’s a new post-birth trend on the maternity ward and it’s equally as boundary pushing.

Introducing umbilical cord art! From jewellery to dream catchers, turns out there’s a whole slew of Insta-mums getting crafty with their babies’ umbilical cords.

Instead of ditching the cord, some new mums are choosing to preserve the tough cable, which attaches the baby to its mother in the womb, and turn them into artwork or accessories.

The cords are weaved into the design of choice – hearts and the word love are popular - while they’re still “fresh” and then baked to dry them out.

Parenting website Modern Mom explains that preservation is done through soaking the cord in alcohol, then leaving it to dry in the desired shape.

A quick scroll of the hashtag #umbilicalcordkeepsake reveals a whole plethora of creative ways mums are holding on to their babies cords. But though many think the trend is ‘beautiful’ and ‘magical’, not everyone has the stomach for it with some parents feeling grossed out by the practice.

Each to their own and all that.

Have a look above at some of the most creative cord keepsakes….