Should you try TikTok's viral 'proffee' drink before your next workout?

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Photo credit: agrobacter
Photo credit: agrobacter

If you love a TikTok insight as much as us (see: these spider-repelling tips, or this handy hint for keeping cool during the heat) - then the latest trend for 'proffee' trend may be one for you too...

Currently doing the rounds on the social media site, with the hashtag gaining nearly 10 million views, it seems like everyone is attempting to make the protein based coffee drink.

But, is it as simple as mixing espresso with protein powder? And should we be worried about the health effects of mixing the two drinks?

Coffee is a stimulant and is designed to increase our mental alertness, while protein helps us increase muscle mass and keep hunger at bay. But - can they work together?

Two popular TikTokers have been showing their followers just how to make the popular drink - and from what we can see, it's mainly made with protein shakes, coffee and milk, along with some ice.

One health and fitness TikToker, named Katie, shared her take on the trend recently and has amassed nearly 180k views on her video. It shows her adding three espresso shots, a protein coffee drink, almond milk, caramel syrup and sweeteners.

Another popular TikToker, who goes under the name of Amber Aliya, mixed together one of the drinks as well. Consisting of caramel syrup, ice, Starbucks coffee and a pre-made protein drink, the proffee looked beautiful once it was made.

Some versions aren't as calorific, however, with some simply adding espresso shots to a protein shake.

How healthy is Proffee?

GP Doctor Ahmed el Muntasar told Women's Health UK that the caffeine in the drink could, 'increase focus, performance and concentration, while it also helps with weight loss. Protein is great for building muscle mass, and the higher your muscle mass the higher the metabolic rate you'll have.'

While nutritionist Sarah-Jane Hall, from Doctor Seaweed, explained the importance of protein in our diet, 'making sure we’re getting enough protein from our diet is essential for the growth and repair of all of the cells in our body – if proffee helps you to achieve your daily protein intake, then this could definitely be considered a health benefit.'

While both drinks are beneficial to our health on their own GP Doctor Ahmed el Muntasar says there could be side effects if you drink too much of them, 'I don't see too much danger in adding these two ingredients together, but adding too much coffee can cause an increase in heart rate, stress and cortisol.'

Melissa Snover, registered nutritionist and founder of Nourished also explained that 'whole sources of protein from foods are more beneficial as they contain additional, essential vitamins, minerals, and compounds that aren’t found in all protein powders. Similarly, a lot of protein powders are often filled with added sugars, additives, and sweeteners.'

So, if a glass of proffee isn't for you, what could you drink instead? 'For a natural energy boost, opt for matcha, green smoothies, coconut water or kombucha – with nutrients such as ginger or ginseng – that contain additional health benefits and nutrients,' says Melissa.

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