True Thompson Accidentally Revealed The Name Of Kylie Jenner's Son, According To This TikTok Theory

true thompson kylie jenner son name
True Seemingly Revealed The Name Of Kylie's SonInstagram - Getty Images

Bless you, TikTok, for giving us a place to congregate for overanalysing all the trivial-but-we-still-care-too-much things in life—like theories about what Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott named their son, for example.

A new fan theory, courtesy of TikTok user @marissaspagnoli, about Jenner's son's name is gaining traction and, if Marissa is right, the name leak came from Khloé Kardashian's daughter, True Thompson right on the Kardashians' own damn Hulu series. Yep. It's a big swing theory, but that's kind of what makes it great. Let's dig in.

'Okay, this is just a theory,' Marissa says at the beginning of the post.

'I think Little Miss True leaked Kylie's baby name. I'm gonna show you this clip of The Kardashians where I think she leaks it.'

Cut to a clip of Kardashian FaceTiming with True after welcoming her second child via surrogate and True adorably saying: 'Hi, Snowy!' to the baby she sees on the screen.

In the clip, Kardashian corrects True, saying the baby's name is not Snowy.

According to Marissa's theory, however, this does not mean that True doesn't know any babies with that particular weather-inspired name.

'Snowy? Snowy and Stormi!' Marissa says after playing the clip.

'Snowy baby! It has a ring.'

Marissa also points to another scene in the season two premiere of The Kardashians as evidence in support of her Snowy Webster name theory—specifically, the moment when Khloé explains to her BFF Malika how she handled any moment when True blabbed to someone she shouldn't have that she was getting a baby brother back when that info was still top secret.

'She just, like, tells people,' Kardashian said in the episode. 'Like, when she sees the baby, she'll say, "I'm going to have a brother, too." And I'm like, "Haha, no you're not." 'Cause she'll just tell random people.'

According to Marissa, this bolsters her Snowy Webster theory because, well, it's pretty similar to the way Kardashian brushed off True calling her little brother Snowy and seems to just be Khloé's go-to move for downplaying her daughter's family secret leaks.

And for anyone who thinks the theory can't be right because obviously the Kardashians could have just edited the slip out of the episode, Marissa has an answer for that, too

'You're gonna be like, why would they say it in the show? Yeah, have you ever seen Gossip Girl? They told you who it was in the first episode. I feel like that's what they're doing,' she explains.

'It's like in plain sight, Snowy Webster. I could be completely off. It could be Sunny, but I don't know. I'm kind of feeling Snowy.'

So, you know, feel free to go ahead and add 'Snowy' to your Kylie's son's name pool.

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