Troy Kotsur's Academy Award stolen then recovered

Troy Kotsur’s Academy Award was stolen and then recovered, the actor has revealed.

The 54-year-old actor took to Twitter to recount the theft and recovery of his Oscar, which he won earlier this year for CODA, along with his Jeep.

Kotsur brought the award with him to Mesa, Arizona where he was set to be honoured in a Thursday ceremony for becoming the first primarily deaf actor to win an Oscar.

While the trophy was still in his Jeep, a car thief jumped in and drove off. The actor tweeted that a “little kid” was behind the crime.

The city police tracked down the Jeep with the trophy still inside.

In Kotsur’s tweets, which have now been taken down, the star posed with police and reportedly thanked them for their efforts, sharing that he comes from a police family, with several family members working in law enforcement.

Representatives for Kotsur have not made a statement on the incident since his tweets were removed.

The Charlotte Observer reports that Kotsur accepted the key to Mesa, which is his hometown. Kotsur still lives in Mesa and mentioned the town in his Oscars acceptance speech when he won for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in March.