Trisha Goddard faces fears on belated Bahamas honeymoon amid cancer treatment

Trisha Goggard in a cream vest and matching trousers
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Trisha Goddard took a break from her cancer treatments to enjoy a belated honeymoon in the Bahamas, two years after her wedding.

The journalist married her fourth husband, Allen, in August 2022, the day before she began treatment. To make up for the romantic post-wedding holiday they missed, Trisha and Allen jetted abroad where she faced some of her long-standing fears.

Trisha Goddard in a black suit on the red carpet
The journalist began cancer treatment the day after her wedding (Jeff Spicer)

"This whole cancer [expletive] is really changing me," she began in the Instagram caption which showed a reel of her sun-drenched holiday.

"Since my dear cancer team very kindly waited until the morning after our wedding back in August 2022 to start my weeks of radiation treatment, (followed by 4 1/2 months of weekly chemo treatment) my darling, husband and I never really got a honeymoon!

"So earlier this month in between my treatments, we jetted off to the Bahamas! And I tried something I’ve never done before," Trisha continued. See more in the video...

The video showed the 66-year-old looking elegant in a teal blue swimsuit and black kaftan as she first paddled her feet in the ocean on a sandy beach before climbing into a boat to try snorkelling.


"I've always had a fear of going into the sea. I can swim in a pool, I'm a good swimmer, but the sea, fishes," she told the camera, before pulling a face and adding: "So I decided to face my fears."

Trisha's cancer diagnosis

Trisha Goddard wearing her engagement ring
The journalist showed off her engagement ring (Instagram)

Trisha and Allen met through mutual friends in November 2017 and got engaged in January 2022. Just six months later, Trisha - who was previously diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 - discovered she had secondary cancer by accident after falling while running upstairs at home.

"I was upside down, my legs behind me, and clinging on to the banister. I went to move my leg – and I'm not a wimp – but I'd never felt pain like it. I now know it was shattered," she recalled during an interview with HELLO!.

Allen, who met her at the hospital, added: "A young resident – like a junior doctor – came in and said: 'Oh, it looks as though you broke your femur and smashed your right hip, which is full of cancer cells. And you have a tumour. It doesn't look good.'"

Trisha said: "That was the first I heard that the cancer had come back. And the first thing I asked was: 'Am I going to die?'"

She underwent a partial hip replacement, but admitted she was horrified at the thought of getting married "using a zimmer frame".

Trisha and Allen's private wedding

Trisha Goddard's wedding mugs
Trisha and Allen got married in August 2022 (Instagram)

The couple got married just one month after Trisha's surgery on 28 August 2022. They gathered 70 friends and family at their local restaurant, with Trisha keeping her health private from the majority of her guests, aside from her neighbours, daughters and best friend.

"Nobody else knew, but we knew, and it was a beautiful day," said Trisha, who teamed her Victoria Beckham wedding dress with a walking cane decorated with flowers.

"We said a few things to a few people and then thought: 'We're not doing that again.' Not because people are horrible, but they bring their own [expletive] to the rodeo.

"They'll cry, or say: 'Is there anything I can do?' and then you don't hear from them again," the former Play School host candidly explained.

Trisha Goddard husband Peter 2003
Trisha was married three times before meeting Allen (pictured with Peter) (Getty)

Trisha had previously been married to Robert Nestdale briefly, before he came out as gay, followed by Mark Greive in 1993. They welcomed children Billie and Madison before splitting, and she later found love with Peter Gianfrancesco whom she divorced in 2018 following 20 years of marriage.

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain after getting engaged to Allen, she defended her decision to remarry.

"I never thought I'd get married again. I never did at this age, and to find someone that has an experience of life and death is unique and wonderful, and we want to be together," she said.

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