Trinny Woodall's tips for a mother-daughter weekend in Madrid

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Trinny Woodall's guide to Madrid Karwai Tang - Getty Images

Is there anything more restorative than a girls' weekend?

On one hand, it simply offers respite from the familiar, on the other it's a ritual which has grown into a rite of passage for many women - not to mention a bonding experience for many mothers and daughters.

So, what's the optimum way to do it?

If Trinny Woodall's enviable Madrid itinerary with her daughter, Lyla, is anything to go by, we think we've found the answer.

Put simply, Trinny says, the perfect break includes living like a local.

"Lyla is at university in Spain, and halfway through her course, she goes to live in Madrid, so on these really special weekends together, we discovered the city more so that when she comes to live here, it will feel very familiar," Trinny penned on Instagram.

"Madrid is a really beautiful city. It’s very easy to get around. There are beautiful things to see and each time we delve into a different part of it. Last trip we did all the museums - This time we stayed in the hotel of my dreams. @santomaurohotel it’s like a honeymoon Hotel and it has the most beautiful garden in the back. We went to the El Retiro park and hung out like a local checking out our favourite dog breeds."

downtown madrid, spain, where the calle de alcala meets the gran via these are two of the most famous and busy streets in madrid
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Trinny also gave her top tips for second-hand shopping in the Spanish capital.

"We went to the flea market El Rastro," she wrote. "If you start at the bottom and walk up, the main drag on the right and left are two inset markets with shops and antique shops around them [...] the most incredible light shops filled with fabulous pieces."

She added: "A friend told me about a wonderful bag shop making unique pieces with Hermes inspired leathers and colours called Divlos. Went into Zara and came out with some pearls."

As for the most treasured memory made?

"The best part was walking 20,000 steps and talking with Lyla about life - these are the most precious moments to cherish."

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