I tried the viral Chrome Nails trend, and I think I'm a convert

Try The Trend: I reviewed the Chrome Nails trend and it seriously mesmerising
Try The Trend: I reviewed the Chrome Nails trend and it seriously mesmerising

The legacy of Hailey Bieber's now-iconic glazed donut mani lives on, for the demand for chrome is still sky-high in 2024. The contemporary beauty icon sent fans into overdrive nearly two years ago – nope, equally confused as to where the time has gone – with her frosty, succulent nail look, supercharging an influx of chrome-based designs.

I'm usually wedded to deep jewel tones, but there's something about spring, the so-called season of new beginnings, that demands a lighter, more radiant nail look.

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Try The Trend: Chrome Nails  

Hailey's much-admired offshoot of the chrome trend featured a milky white base, gently dialled up with a subtle pearlescence.

Hailey Bieber and her chrome glazed manicure
Hailey's a bonafide mani tastemaker (@haileybieber)

But the true genius of chrome powder – a super popular add-on salon request – is that it is distinctly versatile, capable of adding a new, gleamy dimension to virtually any shade. Juanita Huber-Millet, founder and creative director at Townhouse, agrees, pinpointing the "mirror-like shine" as the trend's main appeal.

"Chrome nails catch the light in a mesmerising way - it's like wearing jewellery on your fingertips," she explains. "The chrome effect adds a touch of modern sophistication to any nail design. Whether you're nailing a bold metallic shade of gold or silver or adding subtle sheer chrome à la the glazed donut look, this style is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go."

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Juanita personally loves fusing this contemporary favourite with a stone-cold nail classic: French tips. "There’s something irresistible about blending the timeless elegance of a traditional French manicure with the modern twist of a pearly chrome finish. It adds a touch of sophistication and elevates the overall look while still maintaining the purity and simplicity of the French design."

The Verdict

A file to prep the nail before polish (Orin Carlin)

Eager to weigh in on everyone's collective nail obsession, I headed to Townhouse's Richmond location in hope of major shimmer.

Tidying up cuticles for a manicure
Tidying up cuticles for a professional finish (Orin Carlin)

After having my nails trimmed, clipped, buffed and gently shaped into a short squoval set, I opted for the shade 'Bartlett Street', a pretty, semi-sheer blush pink.

pink nail polish applied to fingernail
I chose the shade 'Bartlett Street' (Orin Carlin)

The manicurist dipped a tiny sponge tool into a pot of chrome powder – I opted for the shade with a hypnotising, slightly lilac-y finish – buffing it all over the nail plates.

Chrome powder applied to nail
Chrome powder was then buffed on top (Orin Carlin)

The effect was lovely, actually much subtler than the virtually reflective versions I'd meticulously saved on Insta, but I was really into it. It wasn't disco flashy, but a measured, undisruptive glimmer that I felt worked really beautifully in tandem with my beloved opal ring.

chrome manicure
The end result (Orin Carlin)

My only bugbear? The It-girls make the customary post-salon snap look so easy. My phone struggled to capture the stunning luminosity of my nails. Sunlight certainly helped, but in my opinion, chrome nails are best admired close-up IRL.