I Tried the Supermodel-Approved LYMA Skincare Starter Kit—Here Are My Thoughts

Scouted/The Daily Beast/LYMA.
Scouted/The Daily Beast/LYMA.

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While most skincare brands on the market today focus on reducing the existing signs of aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, and texture, LYMA Skincare uses science to address (and target) the aging process itself. While the wellness brand is mostly known for its industry-disrupting and celebrity-endorsed at-home laser ($2,695), LYMA’s skincare offerings (currently, a moisturizer and a serum sold as a set) are just as worthy of your attention.

LYMA Skincare was founded on the basis that our epigenetics, the science of how our genes operate and are affected by external factors, impacts the health and aging process of the skin. Harnessing the depth of science of epigenetics as it pertains to our skin (our biggest organ, by the way) allows Lyma to better understand how to turn the clock backward by addressing the factors that actually cause the gene to age rather than trying to correct or only conceal the damage years later.

LYMA quietly introduced a two-step serum and cream system last year powered by its proprietary Genoclytic technology, which was formulated by geneticists. The concentrated, extra-potent formulas contain 80 percent active ingredients, including all the anti-aging heroes you’d expect, like retinal (a less irritating form of retinol) and peptides, along with Wellmune Hydrolysed Beta Glucans and Zizania latifolia Stem Extract, which help expedite cell turnover, accelerate nutritional delivery, and foster the proper bacteria balance to support the skin’s microbiome.

“In an industry saturated with endless products designed to tackle a limited number of concerns, consumers are left to create their own protocols, often mixing actives and brands that are incompatible, or at worst, cancel each other out,” says LYMA founder Lucy Goff.

Lyma Skincare Starter Kit (Serum & Cream)

From softening fine lines to targeting redness and banishing stubborn adult acne, LYMA’s revolutionary science-first skincare is revolutionizing how we approach skincare. The starter kit includes both a 50ML serum and moisturizer, which should last you at least a few months.

Buy Lyma Skincare Starter Kit (Serum & Cream) at Lyma, $655

Buy Lyma Skincare Starter Kit (Serum & Cream) at Neiman Marcus, $655

The formulas are designed to be used in tandem with the beauty editor-approved laser, but you can also expect to see results when used alone—and in as little as 30 days or less. I used the starter kit for three months each morning, and I saw a noteworthy improvement in my crow’s feet, smile lines, and texture in 10 days.

Do the formulas smell like absolute heaven? Absolutely not, but not only do they smell a heck of a lot better than my ride-or-die Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, but, like my favorite onion-scented toner, they are also next-level effective sans irritation, overdrying, or redness.

Not only does this transformative skincare duo work synergistically to amplify the complexion-enhancing results, but they also streamline your routine, eliminating extra steps. Aside from my thrice-weekly tretinoin (a prescription retinoid), I used only the LYMA serum and cream for two months, and, as mentioned, the results were dramatic enough to make me want to repurchase another duo. Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t allow $650 for two skincare products (I received the starter kit as a press sample).

With that being said, if I weren’t on a media salary with student loans and daunting credit card debt, I would probably find a way to justify the expense. In fact, the two products almost certainly helped me push back my regularly scheduled Botox appointment by two and a half months—seriously, even my injector was shocked and asked what I was using. As I said, I did not use the brand’s cult-favorite at-home laser when testing the LYMA Starter Kit, but I still reaped major complexion-enhancing benefits. If you have the budgetary allowance to invest in this cutting-edge skincare duo, I would absolutely encourage you to do so, especially if you’re looking to avoid or cut back on in-office aesthetic treatments like lasers and injectables.


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