I tried Modibodi's new anti-sweat pyjamas ahead of summer - this is my honest review

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ModiCool Sleep Set: An Editor's honest reviewModibodi

Modibodi is well known for its period pants - I have a handful of pairs myself and swear by them. So when I heard that the absorbency experts had released a sleep range specifically designed to help sweaty folks, I was intrigued. Year-round, I tend to run on the colder side and am always one of the first of my mates to grab a jumper. But, when I sleep, it's a different story. Maybe it's because I have one of the warmest duvets out (see: previous comment about getting cold easily), or perhaps it's because I'm not a very chill sleeper. Either way, now that warmer weather is approaching, I'm curious to know if these anti-sweat pyjamas actually do what they say on the tin.

What is the ModiCool Sleep Set?

ModiCool Sleep Set is a three-piece collection that includes a sleep tee, matching shorts and a pillowcase, all specifically designed to help prevent perspiration. According to Modibodi, the material used is, "proven to regulate body temperature, cooling the skin before the first sign of sweat, absorbing sweat, and drying quickly for a better night’s sleep."

So, how does it work?

"Our ModiCool Sleep Set is composed of natural fibres, 65% cotton, 30% Tencel and 7% linen," explains Charissa Lantham, Modibodi’s Design and Innovation Director.

"It is made from a bio-based thermo-functional polymer which is a treatment textile technology that delivers both instant cooling and continuous evaporative cooling for optimal well-being day and night. It cools before the first sign of sweat, delays the build-up of heat, and continuously regulates the temperature. Instantly cool to the touch, the components synergistically recharge the surface layer ensuring a consistently cool, dry, and comfortable climate around the body.

"The fabric is also treated with a bio-based quick dry treatment that allows the fabric to absorb twice as much sweat as the base fabric would without it. Coupled with a flattering A-line design that skims the body, and inclusive sizing, the Modibodi ModiCool Sleep Set ensures comfort while allowing the fabric technology to touch the skin and work its magic."

Editor's review

As soon as I touched the ModiCool Sleep Set, I could tell it was made of material unlike anything I'd worn before. The fabric itself isn't as soft as your standard cotton t-shirt, instead it felt more like linen and slightly cool to the touch (if that's possible?), which made me intrigued to try it out. Even after one wash, I found that the texture of the fabric was much the same.

As for the fit, I found the sizing to be good, with an oversized fit on the tee and a comfortable elastic waistband on the shorts. While some might find the shorts finish slightly too little high on the leg, I personally loved the length as my legs felt free and unconstricted overnight.

I'm also a fan of the baby blue hue, as it's one of the few colours I wear. Meanwhile, the pillow featured a striped blue and white print which didn't exactly match my existing bedding, but hey, that's a minor detail, right?

The question is, did it work? On the multiple nights I wore the set, not once did I wake up covered in sweat. Sure, the underarms felt sliiiiiiightly damp one morning, but it's possible that there would've been much more had I not been wearing these pyjamas. As a result, I'm certainly keen to continue testing the set over summer to see if there's a broader trend.

But, if you're a sweaty sleeper, I'd say it's worth giving this Sleep Set a go - especially if you prefer to wear PJs to bed.

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