Trendy Chinese Food Brand MìLà Launches Spicy Crab Pasta Kit Collab With Uncle Roger

Eat Mila Crab Pasta
Eat Mila Crab Pasta - MìLà

On May 5, 2024, internet celebrity and Malaysian stand-up comedian Nigel Ng, otherwise known as Uncle Roger, and trendy Chinese food brand MìLà (which happens to be Tasting Table's best-ranked frozen dumplings brand) are launching a limited-time Creamy Chili Crab Pasta kit with three different heat levels for spicy food lovers. Uncle Roger has dubbed this product his "Y So Weak" kit and says the flavors in this pasta give homage to the rich flavors of Malaysian crab chili. "I grew up on this beloved spicy crab dish, so to have that translated into this modern version is exciting. Uncle Roger would definitely approve," Ng stated in the press release. "It's so convenient, too ... no more reaching for the crab mallet and making a mess in your kitchen."

With each kit, you get two bundles of bucatini pasta, two creamy chili sauces (medium "Nephew" sauce and hot "Uncle" sauce), and a packet of eye-watering "Auntie" oil made from Carolina Reaper chili, one of the 20 types of peppers that will set your mouth on fire. In fact, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Carolina Reaper chili is officially the hottest pepper in the world. It is appropriate to name a chili oil "Auntie," as Uncle Roger always pokes fun at his fictional middle-aged ex-wife Auntie Helen, a source of his pain and sad yet somewhat funny secret crying.

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Making Creamy Chili Crab Pasta Is As Simple As Boiling The Pasta And Heating Up Some Sauce

Spicy crab pasta
Spicy crab pasta - MìLà

MìLà and Uncle Roger's Creamy Chili Crab Pasta kit includes real wild-caught lump crab meat and half & half in the sauce, and the noodles are slow-dried DeCecco bucatini. To make the meal from the kit, first boil the pasta. Then, heat up the sauce. Mix the pasta and sauce together, then drizzle any of the chili sauces or chili oil over the pasta.

This fun and spicy dream collaboration also comes with a fun challenge: the #YSoWeak Challenge. Make the pasta from the kit, then drizzle it with the spiciest sauce you can handle. Take a picture, use #YSoWeak, and tag @‌eatmila and @‌mrnigelng on social media. If you use only Nephew Sauce, you've reached level 1 of the challenge. If you use both Uncle Sauce and Auntie Oil, you're promoted to level 3.

We're all for delicious collaborations and fiery food challenges, but if you can't wait for this pasta or miss your chance to grab it, don't fret. Tasting Table's got you covered with a creamy cajun shrimp pasta recipe and a creamy seafood stuffed shells recipe.

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