Will Treason on Netflix be renewed for a second season?

netflix's treason season 2
Will Netflix's Treason get a season 2?Netflix

Netflix's Treason is the streaming service's newest drama series. The five-part programme, which dropped on Boxing Day stars Charlie Cox as Adam Lawrence, the deputy head for MI6. While there's a lot to unpack already - mainly the fact that a plot to get rid of the current MI6 head was discovered - it gives us hope that there's scope for a further five episodes.

So, if like us, you binged the series the day it was released, snuggled up on the sofa eating leftover Christmas dinner and copious amounts of chocolate, you're probably itching to find out whether or not there will be a second season.

Here's everything we know so far, including cast, release date, and potential plots...

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Will there be a season 2 of Treason?

As it stands, Netflix has yet to confirm season 2 of Treason. Plus, it was also announced as a limited series, which usually means it was designed as a one-off show.

However, that doesn't mean to say it's all over. If it's a success on Netflix's streaming charts (which it looks as though it is at the minute) and the service is happy with its performance, execs could suggest more episodes.

So basically, the higher it climbs, the more likely it'll be renewed as more people will be guaranteed to watch it.

netflix's treason season 2

When would season 2 of Treason be released?

Due to the fact the first series has only just come out, and there's no word of a second season just yet, it's not likely to be until at least some time in 2024.

But just in case a green light does go ahead anytime soon, for some context, Treason took about a year from the beginning of filming until it was released.

Who would star in Treason season 2?

Depending on the direction of the story, season 2 could welcome back some familiar faces. This could include Oona Chaplin's Maddy and Olga Kurylenko's Kara, plus Adam Lawrence's children, Callum (Samuel Leakey) and Ella (Beau Gadsdon).

Former MI6 Chief Martin Angelis (Ciarán Hinds) and CIA agent Dede Alexander are also potential contenders to be recast, but it would be unlikely that Charlie Cox would return as Adam after his death. (Unless the writers use flashbacks of the character to keep the story relevant.)

netflix's treason season 2
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There's also a possibility of an anthology approach, which would mean introducing a whole new cast based on the premise of the show. Of course, until a second series is confirmed, this is all still speculation.

What would Treason season 2 be about?

Supposing the show continues to follow Russian spy and Adam’s ex-lover, Kara, new episodes could focus on her being accused of committing treason against her home country.

Should it follow Maddy's storyline, the show could see her trying to get revenge on Dede, plus expose treason within the CIA.

netflix's treason season 2

There's also the kids to consider after Kara plans to go back to Russia and Maddy reunites with them. Not to mention a potential prequel situation where Adam and Kara's time in Baku is documented - events that massively impacted both of their lives.

While the possibilities are endless, all we're saying is that a season two is needed ASAP please Netflix.

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