Travis Kelce responds to being booed at NBA game with Patrick Mahomes

Travis Kelce responds to being booed at NBA game with Patrick Mahomes

Travis Kelce brushed off the recent booing he received while attending an NBA finals game with Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany.

The Kansas City Chiefs player is no stranger to criticism. When he’s facing off on the field, the 34-year-old is the target of opposing fan transgressions. That said, it’s unusual for him to be booed as a spectator rather than a player. Yet, on 26 May, a strong dislike for Kelce spewed from spectators at the Minnesota Timberwolves and Dallas Mavericks game.

“I got booed twice,” the professional athlete confessed on the 29 May podcast episode of New Heights. “It’s whatever. I get it.”

Kelce might not have cared about the obvious distaste toward him, but when his teammate was featured on the jumbotron, the stadium’s reaction was drastically different. When Mahomes’ face popped up on the big screen, fans roared with excitement for the Texas native.

“I got caught off guard,” Kelce told his brother, Jason, during the podcast recording. The celebrity player – who’s currently dating Grammy winner Taylor Swift – was taking a selfie when Mahomes poked him to bring his attention to the jumbotron.

“And then I heard all the boos and I’m like: ‘Oh s***, I’m getting booed! Alright, thanks! Nice to see you guys, Dallas. Appreciate the warm welcome.’ And then they showed Pat and everybody’s like: ‘Yeah!’ Hometown kid, man. Best football player in the world,’” Kelce added.

Being that Kelce is from Cleveland, Ohio, not Texas, the tight end thought that might be why he was met with harsh negativity.

“I’m not from Dallas, I’m just kinda like an innocent bystander. Maybe they just don’t like the Chiefs, I don’t know,” he said to the former Philadelphia Eagles player. “Dallas is about as legit of a sports town as it gets.”

Kelce’s weekend watching sports from the stands came after his European escapade with the “Anti-Hero” singer in Italy. The bearded competitor spent time with his 34-year-old girlfriend, watching her perform in Paris alongside Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper.

Footage from the sparkling night showed the three A-listers dancing together amid a mass of screaming “Swifties”. The “Fifteen” perform also celebrated her 87th show, Kelce’s NFL jersey number, with him in the audience. She wore a Chiefs-inspired two-piece ensemble, singing “Style” from her 1989 era.