Travis Kelce Kicks Off Taylor Swift Engagement And Baby Rumors On His Podcast

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Travis Kelce Kicks Off Taylor Engagement RumorsYouTube

Goooood morning! If you need something to spiral over that has nothing to do with Kate Middleton and her whereabouts, please turn your attention to Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

The celebs are currently vacationing during their mutual time off, but Travis somehow managed to find the time to record his podcast New Heights with his brother Jason Kelce. And not only did the footballer spontaneously break out into a rendition of “Bad Blood”...

...But he also fueled engagement/baby speculation by semi-whispering something while taking a sip of his drink. Here’s exactly what went down for the sake of ALL context being provided:

While Travis and Jason were speaking about NBA player Victor Wembanyama's skills, Travis said, “You can’t tell me that dude wasn’t made in a fucking lab over there in France. Lab-grown diamonds, that’s a lab-grown fucking NBA player.”

He then took a sip of his drink, and—slightly under his breath—said, “Can’t wait til I fuckin’ make one,” at which point Jason cut him off and said, “Don’t do this. Do not give any of these other conspiracy theorists anything else to latch onto, please.”

Watch the entire moment go down on camera below at minute 15:21-ish.

A reminder that back in February, Travis addressed the speculation that he and Taylor were planning on getting engaged thanks to a reporter asking him about it during a pre-Super Bowl press conference.

The question in, uh, question? “Is there going to be another ring besides the Super Bowl ring if you win this thing on Sunday?” Travis’s response? “I’m focused on getting this ring, and that’s all that my mind’s focused on right now.”

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